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Research On The Obligation Of Informing For Doctors

Posted on:2011-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the medical disputes occurred frequently, doctor-patient relationship has become one of the hotspot of public concerned. One of the important reasons causing the contradiction between doctors and patients is the lack of mutual trust and understanding. With the social progress and enhancement of legal consciousness, the patients will ask for more rights to be informed of their diseases, treatment, cost etc. But doctors tend to focus only on the treatment of diseases, ignoring the obligation of informing which doctors should assume in doctor-patient relationship. Once the result of treatment is contrary to their expectation, the patients' anxiety and dissatisfaction will tend to vent out, leading to the occurrence of medical disputes. The elimination of the doctor-patient contradiction depends on the implementation of the obligation of informing by doctors. In other words, great effort in implementing obligation of informing by doctors plays an important part in maintaining the good doctor-patient relationship and avoiding conflict between doctors and patients, thus it has important practical significance in reducing the incidence of medical disputes. However, medical science is a highly unknown, exploratory and mainly experimental subject, which makes the medical behavior more unpredictable and uncontrollable. Therefore, in urging doctors to fulfill the obligation of informing, being scientific and reasonable is another subject to be considered. It has become the common sense of many countries that informing obligation should be defined as the legal obligation for doctors. The current laws of our country also have similar requirements for the doctors, but it is still not perfect. The existing problems are that the informing range is not concrete and the definition is unclear, which causes many problems in practice. From the these aspects such as concept, origin, development and the situation of the obligation of informing for doctors domestic and overseas, this article mainly illustrates the implementation of informing obligation for doctors and the main problems existing in the current civil laws of our country, and puts forward some related legislative suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Doctor Informing Obligation, Doctor-patient, Relationship, Patients' Informed Right
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