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Normalization On The Disposal Of The Non-performing Loan Of Banks In China

Posted on:2011-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Non-performing loan influences the banks deeply and profoundly. Now,our domestic banks transfer the packed non-performing loan to financial asset management corporations, which then deal with the loan by different approach. This is in according with the international practice. However, there are defects in transferring process, which inevitable bring about much state-owned asset missing, thus it is emergent to better the transferring legislations. The paper thoroughly evaluates the judicial explanations and inner policies relating to the transferring of bank's non-performing loan in judicial execution, and points out the dilemma existing. Moreover, using the reforming measures on financial institutions ,such as bank, employed by the developed countries facing the new financial crisis as a source of reference, this paper try to give improvements on the legal machinery of transferring of non-performing in judicial procedure and execution. This paper includes four parts as following:The first part has a discussion on the origin, impact and treatment of non-performance loan. Firstly, this part discusses the concept of the non-performance of loan; secondly, discuss the maid reasons for forming it; lastly, analyses how the banks to deal with the non-performance loan.The second part concerns the legal defects on the transferring of non-performance loan. There are many disadvantages in legislation, such as the uncertainty of legal statue of financial asset management corporations, result in the loss of the state-owned property The third part discusses how to normalize the transferring of the non-performance of banks'loan.The forth part is the conclusion and promoting suggestions. This part point out the our country shall form a renewed and socialism-oriented bank management system by reforming our financial and manage legislation,...
Keywords/Search Tags:non-performing loan, financial asset management corporation, transferring of creditor's rights, judicial execution
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