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The Administrative Cost Study From The Administrative Justice Perspective

Posted on:2011-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332481168Subject:Administrative Management
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Administrative cost is the major theme of the study of the administration. Since the government reform movement in 1970s, many countries attach great importance to the study of the administrative costs, reducing and optimizing administrative costs has not only become an important part of reshaping movement in western countries, but also the important content of the new public management movement. To our country, reducing and optimizing the administrative costs is the objective requirements under the current international environment and domestic situation, the inevitable reaction to the pressures and challenges that our Government have when participates in economic globalization, is the inevitable requirement to improve the socialism market economy and deepen the administrative reform, is the key to improve government performance and to enhance the international competitiveness, is also an important part of building a conservation-oriented society. In this paper, theoretical analysis based on administrative justice perspective is used, trying to break through the current economics tend that the academic research on the administrative costs,and conduct a study from the ethical and normative perspective, away from the shackles of the technology and empirical proof. The article builds a set of widely inclusive and practical administrative justice theory as a strong analytical tool throughout the text to reveal intrinsic association between the administrative justice and administrative costs, and based on the Chief Justice theory to anlayze the reasons for the high administrative costs and use The Chief Justice theory as a guide to put forward the response to reduce and optimize administrative costs. Keywords:Administrative cost Administrative justice Administrative philosophy Administrative system Administrative procedures The specific administrative act...
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative cost, Administrative justice, Administrative philosophy, Administrative system, Administrative procedures, The specific administrative act
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