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Study On The Motivating Mechanism Of College Volunteers

Posted on:2011-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Volunteers' study is one of the current hot topics in academic circles. In recent years, the volunteers' activity of our country has got outstanding achievement, and the volunteerism spirits has got a maximum development. As the world economic integration, China goes to play an increasingly important role in the international community, also with coming to more complicated world environment and social problem. This situation has provided a vast arena for the volunteers' development and the effect bringing into play. The promotion of volunteerism and the carry out of. volunteer actions are able to effectively replenish the defects in government behavior and market economy, and to promote the economy coordinated growth and society's harmony stabilizing.Now, Social gradually deepens the understanding of the role of the volunteers, and college began to carry out a wide range of moral education. Under this kind of background, college volunteers have expanded steadily, and gradually occupy the important position of the main force of volunteerism. To join in voluntary organizations becomes the most important way for college student to participate in harmonious society builds. College volunteer activities penetrate deeply into the nation-building, community services, social assistance, environmental sciences and foreign aid activities in all areas of social life, and play an irreplaceable important role. On the one hand, the college students have fine morality quality and professional knowledge. The process of voluntary service has show their characteristics of epoch Nature and openness, these characteristics provide guide for the innovation and development of volunteerism. On the other hand, Students have enough service time to ensure the smooth development of volunteer activities. But, college student volunteer society experience is few; the society contact surface is narrow, students still located in an important stage of the youth development and character formation. Therefore, in the process of social practice, the college volunteer group has also shown the problem of instability and arbitrariness, and so on. These features will greatly affect the volunteer activities. Therefore, the college student volunteers need to be actively guided and sustained motivation.In this paper, college student volunteers as the main object of study. This paper sets off from present situation of our college student volunteers, gives a detailed analysis on the basic characteristics of college volunteers, sets forth the inner links, frame, primal problems in the motivating mechanism of college volunteers, and submits some countermeasures and suggestions to improve and develop the motivating mechanism.This paper consists of four parts. ChapterⅠis introduction, describes the research background, research significance, Current Research, theory, and the content of this research, ideas and methods; ChapterⅡhas carried out detailed analysis on the current situation of college volunteer motivating mechanism. This chapter is the main body of article, can be divided into two parts. SectionⅠintroduces the development situation, characteristic, classification and society effects of college volunteers; SectionⅡapplies many kinds of research methods including questionnaires, policy analysis, interviews and others to carry out detailed surveying and analysis on connotation and effect, influencing factor subject and object relations, motivating systems, and so on of college volunteers motivating mechanism. ChapterⅢhas set forth the primal problems in college volunteers motivating mechanism of our country. Chapter IV is presented for the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions according the above analysis.The college volunteers expand ceaselessly with times progress and economic growth. Therefore, the volunteer problems research will certainly arouse extensive expert scholars' interest and attention. The study of college volunteers' management and the motivating research will tend to improve gradually. This paper still has many problems in the depth of main ideas and research, and urgently needs to do further study and development.
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