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Strengthening Chinese Party And Government Leading Cadres Selection Competitiveness Research

Posted on:2012-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332497139Subject:Administrative Management
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Competition is a kind of natural phenomenon, but also a social phenomenon. Competition is nature's survival skills and human society motivation.Chinese party and government leading cadres is important promoting national modernization strength, its selection scientific or not directly relates to national rejuvenation process. Chinese leading cadre selection system reform and perfect continued in recent years, but the distance from social progress and development requirements is still a sizable gap, must further intensify the cadre and personnel system reform, strengthen the competitiveness of the cadres selection. Enhancing the competitiveness of cadres selection, is a Marxist requirements; Is urgent need to solve the lack of cadre competitive choosing; Is the way to get intelligent talents.Analyzing our country after the founding on the cadres selection course and competitiveness, it shown before lack competitiveness to afterward gradually increasing competitiveness, but there still exists the gap. With reference on developed country officials selection system and experience, to solve the current problems existing in the leading cadre selection, this paper points out strengthening our cadres selection competitiveness and corresponding ideas, principles and main measures.General idea and principles are: uphold the guidance of the scientific development concept, hold the Party rule cadre principle, choose and employ with a basic standard, continuously enhance the cadres selection competitiveness, and actively explore cadres selection ways and methods.Basic principles include: the party rules cadre principle, competition principle, position up-down in order principle.This paper puts forward how to strengthen the competitiveness on cadres selection measures, basically be: party cadres compete in inner-party, and non-party cadres compete in public on social mass. Strictly control the conditions and standards of cadres competitive selection, different post should set up different conditions and standards. When appearing cadres vacancies, promptly declare vacancy. Timely release competitive selection cadres announcements. Be strict to age retirement system. Whoever through public elections to the employment of the cadres, when happening by law to recall situation, from the recall effective date, automatically terminate the position. Completely implement resignation and dismissal system. All of the cadres shall stipulate a tenure. Resigned cadres according to the new post go to work and enjoy treatment. Strengthen the supervision and inspection on the cadres selection, also perfect...
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