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The Exploration Of Construction On Political Administration Ability Of The Communist Party Of China

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Communist Party of China to explore the political ability to govern Seventeenth Party Congress pointed out: "continue to strengthen the party's ability to focus on building high-quality leadership." This is my party based on the times and the glorious mission entrusted to the historical position, the party and the country's long standing strategy height put forward a major task. The party's governing ability, the party's ruling status consolidate the party's historical task, the relationship between the party and the country's future fate. In this paper, the political ability to govern the Chinese Communist Party to elaborate on the meaning, with different periods of the Chinese Communist Party's situation and tasks facing the political ability to govern exploration of the analysis and research, summed up the historical experience and the Communist Party of China discussed the theory of political governance capability and practical value.Main thesis is divided into four parts:The first part:Communist Party of China political ability to govern scientific connotation. First of all, Marx and Engels on the ability to govern the interpretation of thinking. Although they achieved political power of the proletariat the ruling has no direct discussion of the construction, but building on the discussion of the party, its basic spirit is still guiding role. Secondly, Lenin thought the political ability to govern the interpretation. Lenin, while not directly raised the concept of ability, but he led the Russian people in the great practice of socialism. Building on the theme of the proletariat of the ruling party conducted a preliminary exploration and research. Third, Stalin's political ability to govern the interpretation of thinking. His theory of the main ruling party in ideology to adhere to Marxism; building in the organization to implement democratic centralism; in the style of the building to criticism and self-criticism, close ties with the masses. This section also describes the ruling Chinese Communist Party and the Party's governance capability of the proposed. The construction of the ruling party, in the final analysis, is the party's governing capability, and the formation of this idea a prolonged period of gestation, it is thought of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping on the result of the development of party building, but also multi-party cooperation system and the practice of product development .The second part:Communist Party of China to explore the political ability to govern. After the Chinese Communist Party became the ruling party, social status, the central task and so a change, with Mao Zedong at the core of the first generation of collective leadership in the lead the new socialist revolution and construction in China, great practice, made the ruling innovative Party-building theory. After the Third Plenary Session of the Party, Deng Xiaoping as the core of the second generation of central collective leadership of my party to seriously sum up the past three decades of lessons learned, proposed to strengthen party building and improve the Party's governance and leadership , and the ruling party and the party facing the reform and opening up and modernization drive closer together, forming a unique ability to govern rich theory. From the Fourth Plenary Session of the Thirteenth National Congress party, with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core of the third generation of central collective leadership, hold high the Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, the great banner of building a focused grasp of the party, continue to strengthen and improve the party's leadership, the head of a firm trend of the times, and lead all ethnic groups to forge ahead in promoting the party's construction of a new great project and the socialist modernization drive, and achieved great new achievements, but also the ability to govern the party exploration of the construction has reached a new stage. Since the National Congress Party, Comrade Hu Jintao as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory, fully implement the "three represents" important thinking of the future, advance with the times, conscientiously sum up our party's ability to enhance experience in building and in-depth analysis and study the ruling party facing new situations and new problems, enrich and develop the party's governing capability of the theoretical system.The third part:Political ability to govern the Chinese Communist Party's historical experience. First, the guiding ideology of the uniqueness and developmental. Adhere to the guiding ideology of Marxism in the uniqueness, it identified the scientific world outlook and methodology, our party will have a right way forward. We are strengthening the Party's governance capability is not to abandon the Marxist theory of the unique power of innovation theory, but on the basis of inheritance constantly study new situations and new problems, sum up new experiences, new ideas put forward so that we theory to the times, constantly improved. Second, the people on the scientific strategy of the ruling. Our party from the people, the victory of the cause of our party from the people, but comfortable environment for a peaceful era of reform and opening up and developing the socialist market economy, the new historical conditions, both closely linked to the conditions created by the masses, but also to the party Group relations are facing new challenges. A ruling party is always ahead of the times you want to be an accurate grasp of development of human society, socialist construction and the Communist Party rule, and gradually formed the Communist Party of the scientific concept of scientific system and the scientific method to lead people across the country with Chinese characteristics socialism. Third, the advanced nature of party building and discipline. The party's advanced nature is to strengthen and improve party building and the eternal theme of the fundamental tasks, and also my party's capacity building is an important experience. Over the past does not mean a political party now advanced advanced advanced now does not mean never advanced. In the complex domestic and international environment governance conditions and long-term maintenance and development of more advanced is not easy, therefore, strengthen the Party building is a long-term historical task.The forth part:Communist Party of China to explore the political ability to govern the theoretical and practical value. Communist Party of China to explore the political ability to govern is based on the theoretical significance of the contemporary world environment and the theme of the times, to achieve the Marxist-Leninist theory of party building qualitative breakthrough. Communist Party is a new thing in human history, the party's practice continues to develop, the ruling is a constantly changing environment, law is a ruling party to show the process step by step, the ruling party the experience and theory must be a constant sum and improve and enrich the development process. After several generations of the Party's central collective leadership succession and development of Marx, Lenin's party-building ideas, under the conditions of governance in the innovation and building the party and make great efforts, in theory, a qualitative breakthrough. Communist Party of China to explore the theoretical and political significance of governance capability is also reflected in the times of Marxist theory of party building features. Recalling the history of our party to explore hard to sum up historical experience, the most important point is that our party's ability to govern is always the times, reflecting the characteristics of the times, the theory of Marxism with China's concrete conditions.Explore the Chinese Communist Party is the political ability to govern relations between the party's survival and stability of the state a major strategic issue. Six years from the founding of the ruling process point of view, the party's governing capability, only the times and social development situation, focusing on the overall situation of power for a long macro, plan long-term governance of the event, in order to fundamentally grasp the power of the initiative, the successful power to achieve the objectives and tasks. Communist Party of China to explore comprehensively the political ability to govern is to promote the Party's new great project of building an urgent need. Especially for a country's ruling party, a big country, how to deal with complex and changeable international situation, how to properly handle the intricacies of international affairs, how to grasp the international and domestic situations, coordinate the relationship between domestic and foreign affairs, is its power important capability, but also a comprehensive test of its ability to govern.
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