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The Administrative Logic Of Building The Public Policy Credit In Social Transformation

Posted on:2011-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330332981065Subject:Administrative Management
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Since 1978, the Chinese government embarked on a social transformation and institutional restructuring. Management of public affairs in our country has undergone profound changes, from the government administration, government alone turn to governance in public administration, public management. In this process, the government's image has been gradually endangered by a serious credit crisis, and become obstacles to social development, affected social stability and the development. As a transition period in China, Neither a developed market economy, there is no well-developed civil society, government credit crisis, the problems exposed in the more acute. The public policy as a policy tool for the performance of credit is the government and society related to the subject of a contractual relationship. The public policy in the formulation, implementation, evaluation, monitoring and end the abuses and shortcomings affecting the creditworthiness of public policy. Policy formulation and the block of implementation at a certain extent, the effectiveness of depletion policy, weakening the authority of policy and undermine the public trust in government policies and damaged the image of the government impeded social development. The credit crisis of the public policy has become the focus of attention of the community. Face to the status quo, we must study its causes, on this basis, the proposed management of China's current public policy dishonest measures.Until now, most Chinese and foreign scholars focus on government credit at this level, no further more detailed analysis. Chinese scholars based on a realistic background, as a practical guide to the theory of demand for reform and to explore the Government's lack of credibility of the historical background and possible causes and how to build a good government credit. In particular, domestic credit is no more specific study about the underlying causes of the credit crisis and the form of the logic theory.In this context, I draw on previous research results, based on government policy from the logical to explore the root causes of credit crisis, and to explore the path to build credibility of government policies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social Transformation, Credit Policy, Credit Weakening, System Construction
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