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The Research Of Chinese Administrative Examination And Approval And Supervision System

Posted on:2012-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330332992099Subject:Administrative Management
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Administrative examination and approval is an indispensable system for any country existing and developing, and which also is a means of administrating social economy. However administrative Permission must keep on reforming with the development of international economy. Chinese reform on the system of administrative examination and approval was implemented under the special historical background. At that time, Chinese economic reform must face to two challenges:the reform of market economy and entering WTO. The economic reform undergone four periods and obtain a great achievement, but the reform shows many problems with the development of reform at the same time. The main problem is that social reality of the Chief Executive relative vetting law, and harm the growing incidence of public interest, so from the practical needs of the system of administrative examination and approval of follow-up supervision is particularly important. The research first introduce basic items of administrative examination and approval, administrative permission, and then state some relevant theories for administrative examination and approval; second, the research will review the development of reform on the system of administrative examination and approval, and point out a series of problems about regulatory body, regulatory standards, regulatory approach and regulatory penalties, all of these serious blocked further development for administrative examination and approval. To find out its cause, the main reasons included change slowly in the concept of public administration, administrative power of alienation, the interests of the executive branch and civil service administrative ethics anomie. For these reasons and problems, Chinese economic reforms have to further strengthen and perfected administrative examination and approval:first, innovating administrative ideas and to create a high-quality, career-oriented civil service; second, to build a set of measures of supervision and administration; third, to improve the relevant laws and regulations, with laws to protect supervision and administration; fourth, to establish and improve relevant supporting systems. Administrative examination and approval and supervision and administration are key links to administrative reform, meanwhile, it has close relationship with the transformation of government functions and the improvement of public credibility. For the reasons, the research is going to further develop and improve Chinese reforms for administrative examination and approval system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative permission, Administrative examination and approval, Follow-up supervision
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