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Research On Township Administrative Division Adjustment Of Urban Land Intensive Use Impact

Posted on:2012-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335456730Subject:Human Geography
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Developing the urbanization is the urbanization and the construction of new socialist countryside is an important way, but our country town widespread planning unreasonable, small size and low construction standard, cannot effectively play its industries and population of aggregation, and the development of town and township administrative regionalization close relationship. In recent years, some areas have carried out removal and merger of villages and towns, expand the township regional scale as the main contents of the township administrative division adjustment work. Administrative division adjustment means land utilization direction adjustment and location changed, for the urban land intensive use far-reaching influence.This study in studying a large number of documents and field survey of basis, through quantitative and qualitative analysis and the theory discussion and empirical research to township administrative divisions and town land intensive use relevant basic theories is a guide, through to the YuBei each township administrative division adjustment of urban land intensive use before and after the analysis of the spatial pattern of change level, summarizes the township administrative division adjustment of urban land intensive use impact factors, and put forward the use of improved land intensive use of countermeasures, in order to achieve by township administrative division adjustment to promote area to raise the level of land intensive use.Full text is divided into six parts:Part One:introduction. The paper introduced to choose a background and meaning, the study progresses, ideas, content and method.Part two:theoretical basis. Introduce administrative division adjustment and town land intensive use the related concept, summarizes related important theory, and gives a brief introduction to the administrative division adjustment of land use impact and intensive utilization of land evaluation methods are summarized. Part Three:general study area. To YuBei location positions, natural conditions and socioeconomic status and YuBei administrative division adjustment its brief introduction and analysis.Part Founthe township administrative division adjustment around town land intensive use evaluation. The author first according to study area characteristics, in analysis and evaluation method, construction principle based on understanding index determined town land intensive use evaluation method, and then use multiple factors are quantitatively studied comprehensive analysis, YuBei township administrative division adjustment after town land intensive use the spatial pattern of change, produce summing rules, this paper concluded that the township administrative division adjustment by area, population and economic factors of urban land intensive use impact.Part Five:the countermeasure and the suggestion. For township administrative division adjustment of regional the optimized allocation of land resource play an active role, from improve town land intensive use leel. Puts forward to want to prepare towns from the general land use planning, coordinating formulate special planning; Formulate relevant land management system, Further township administrative division adjustment and related aspects, let township administrative division adjustment more able to promote urban intensive utilization of land. For this region and other township administrative division adjustment of intensive land use work areas to provide the reference.Part Six:conclusion and discussion. This paper summarized the research results and the paper's insufficient make discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Township administrative division adjustment, The urban land, Intensive utilization, Influence factors
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