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New Rural Background Of The Legal System Of Land Consolidation

Posted on:2012-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China is a densely populated country, shortage of land reserve resources in all energy resources for human use, the land is the most valuable resource, especially in our country under dynamic equilibrium of total arable land, as the economy development, population growth, industrialization and increasing urbanization, land resources is very important. The construction of socialist new countryside, China has huge land resources in rural areas can be economical use and development. The one hand enable the construction of new socialist countryside in China, production, affluent life clean and tidy village, on the other hand can save a lot of land resources, to ensure that the target 18 million mu of arable land to ensure food security.Land Consolidation in China started late, a complete set of relevant laws and regulations are more backward, building a new socialist countryside in the current context of the village renovation, co-point land consolidation activities in the village and if there is no comprehensive legal protection, will cause the task of disorder, random development, thereby affecting the entire construction of new socialist countrysideThis paper carried out the following aspects of the new rural construction of land consolidation activities.The first part of the introduction, which describes the background and significance of this topic, content and methods.The second part is the concept of land consolidation, characteristics and development, including China and several countries abroad. the development of land consolidation.The third part is the analysis of the land preparation and construction of new rural relations.The fourth part is the examples described in Weishan Island Township, land consolidation, as part of a typical representative of the problems in land consolidation.The fifth part is the construction of new rural land consolidation in China under the state legal system of the status quo and problemsPart VI is a foreign legal system of land consolidation and reference.Part VII of the above analysis is obtained by land consolidation in China need to improve aspects of the legal system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land consolidation, He chun bing dian, new countryside construction, legal system
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