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Pure Economic Loss Of Tort Compensation Study The Problem

Posted on:2012-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335472406Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Pure economic loss this concept, in the legal science and judicial practice seems to be a very abstract and fuzzy theory, along with the development of market economy in China, the pure economic loss compensation has increased. China's current law for pure economic loss, handling problems, obvious holes and inadequate, making them unable to better adapt to the development of social economy, and the type of pure economic loss with modern social and economic development, appear gradually growing tendency of pure economic loss, if not satisfied for compensation, completely right holder, it is not rational. And, from infringement interests point of view, the increasingly complex social relations, led to social life of economic relations between people tightly woven together, thus determines the pure economic loss compensation in a certain social relation necessary exists, so that, for pure economic loss compensation, in a sense, is necessary and justified.This paper mainly discusses the pure economic loss tort law, except for the compensation of the introduction and conclusion, by three parts, first of all, to the basic question of pure economic loss theoretical discussions, including pure economic loss of the definition, meaning with related concepts comparative and legitimacy analysis; Secondly, the two big law about pure economic loss in legislative, judicial practice comparison research; Finally in China on pure economic loss to the legislative model and system construction, this paper puts forward reasonable system idea is to the general view of pure economic loss, through summarizing achievement-stereotype pure economic loss of various forms of expression of case, and summarizes its compensation concrete rules.This paper mainly adopts comparative research method, the method of historical research, the literature research methodology to pure economic loss to research the tort compensation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Pure economic loss, Pure economic loss compensation, Legislative model
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