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Study The Urban-Rural Relations Theory Of Max And Engels And Building Harmonious Urban-Rural Relations In Our Nation

Posted on:2012-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335473768Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Since China implemented reform and opening up policy, our economic construction has attained rapid development; however, urban-rural gap is further enlarged. The widening disparity between urban and rural has already influenced the sustainable development of the national economy and construction of a well-off society in an all-round way. The urban-rural problem is not only a matter of economy, but also a matter of society and history. The key to establish a harmonious society lies in overall development of urban-rural relation. Researches of the problem has been done by a lot of scholars home and abroad; among which, the urban-rural relation theory proposed by Max and Engels is highly scientific and systematic, providing a scientifically theoretic basis for building a harmonious urban-rural relation in our nation. The urban-rural relation theory proposed by Max and Engels not only expound the origin, but also discuss the historic inevitability and progressive of the urban-rural separation and opposites; moreover, they put forward a series of scientific measures to realize urban-rural amalgamation aimed at the social background that time, and their theory has important guiding significance for building harmonious urban-rural relation and promoting the integration of urban and rural in our nation. At the present stage, the problem of dualistic urban-rural structure still exists due to long-term specific historic factors, and the problem of urban-rural gap hadn't been resolved fundamentally yet. According to statistical analysis in China at the present stage of urban-rural economic difference and people's social life, the problem of urban-rural relation is still in a serious imbalance and disharmony condition. Nowadays the"three rural issue"is becoming increasingly outstanding in China, and there exists significant differences in economy and quality of life between urban and rural residents; thus become the bottleneck influencing sustainable development of the whole national economy..If the urban and rural issues seriously continued all the same, we would have difficulty to achieve justice, equality and fraternity. Moreover, it could be hard to guarantee the order of society. The serious urban and rural issues will become the main factor that influences and restricts the achievement of socialism. Hence, we must find out the reasons of urban and rural issues in this period and analyze the source of uncoordinated developments of urban-rural relations, so that we could make the farther estimation of urban and rural issues. Only find out the source of this problem and comprehend rules of this development, can we make out the scientific and targeted policy for resolving the urban and rural issues properly, and then provide scientific theoretical basis for constructing harmonious urban-rural relations.This article systematically summarized the theory of urban-rural relations that put forward by Marx and Engels and combined with urban and rural issues which could be extremely realistic. By the method which is the combination of theory and practice, history and reality it reviewed the developments of urban-rural relations, meanwhile analyzed the situations of urban-rural gap and put forward the main factors that could influence the harmonious developments of urban-rural relations, such as economic system, politic system, traditional culture and so on. This article constructively proposed a series of measures to construct harmonious urban-rural relations by investigating the reasons of the widening urban-rural gap and aiming at the characteristic of the developments of urban-rural relations. Firstly, we should insist on the demands of sustainable development which could be comprehensive and coordinated, and let the urban-rural economy have a balanced development. Farther, organize the industrial layout of urban and rural to break up the structure of dual economy and then we could promote the harmonious developments of urban-rural industry and enhance the leading functions of urban to country and agriculture. Moreover we should make the urban-rural economic system more perfect and enhance the construction of rural public infrastructure. Secondly, political systems should be established for supporting agriculture; former single assessment systems of political achievement must be replaced by the assessment systems which are closely to the countryside and peasant life. Household registration system should be reformed deeply and the unequal treatment between city and countryside must be abolished. Land expropriation system and urban real estate system are urgent for innovating: the lawful rights of the land-lost farmers should be protected particularly. Next, urban and rural development must be balanced for constructing a harmonious urban and rural society; urban and rural education also should be balanced for achieving the equal education between city and countryside; urban and rural social security systems must be balanced for building up a unified security system. Finally, a combination of urban and rural cultures should be insisted in order to accelerate the subculture into the mainstream culture. A system should be structured according to urban and rural integrating plan for cultural interaction; a platform should be set up for urban and rural cultural interaction which aiming at integration of the establishing facilities; the interaction of urban and rural cultures can be achieved by means of integrating cultural activities.Literature research method, interdisciplinary research method and history analysis method are used in this thesis. The theory about urban and rural relationship, which is proposed by Marx and Engels, is systematic analyzed in this article by targeted consulting in works of Marx and Engels, the two famous writers, and collecting useful information for conclusion. Through analyzing their theories about urban and rural relationship, some conclusions can be figured out as the viable guide for solving urban and rural problems in our country. The interdisciplinary method is also used in this article. Some research bases and instructional suggestions to the urban and rural relationship at the present stage are made by using the knowledge of sociology and economics. The urban and rural dual economy has a very profound historical basis. So analyzing the inner logic of the urban and rural relationship's evolution in our country and the existing problems at present is very important as the reference to solve urban and rural problems.
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