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New Age Our Country The Problem Research On The Accountability System Construction Of Party And Government Leading Cadres

Posted on:2012-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Our country party and government leading cadres accountability the system construction start to be late, But from 2003"SARS", In china had accelerated the construction of the accountability system, From then years late, as some of major frequently sudden accident, from a system perspective on the accountability set more stricter requirements. June 2009 the State Council promulgated the"party and government leaders on the implementation of the Interim Provisions of accountability"is the party and government leaders a new milestone in the development of the accountability system, the"Interim Provisions"let the party leadership integrated the scope of accountability, so that the accountability system more in line with China's national conditions and rationalization, as a starting point, the accountability system had a unified national basic principle and standard.The accountability for the leading cadre of the Party and the government accountable underwent a"crisis of accountability"to"accountability system"process, in the process, from CPC Central Committee and State Council to Provincial, municipal, county party committee and government, expanding the content of the accountability system, expanding the scope of the program continue to improve, gradually building a system of accountability procedures, standardization and systematization. Although the development process about the accountability for the leading cadre of the Party and the government is still a democracy and not enough public information not symmetrical, the content is not complete, there are still loopholes and various procedural defects, but the construction of the accountability system has started from"deal move"system to"act normal"system changes, the construction of the accountability system for the leading cadre of the Party and the government is more sophisticated system design, standardization, system construction in the system pay more attention to seamless docking, the implementation of the system the more efficient and effective, thus promoting accountability play a correction, warning, supervision, security and so on, and enhancing the system of accountability to promote awareness of the responsibility of leading cadres, strengthening the Party's governance capability, and promote responsible government, Service-oriented government construction important regulatory role.
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