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The Study Of Sun Yat-sen's Harmony Ideas

Posted on:2012-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335954332Subject:China's modern history
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Sun Yat-sen's Harmony Ideas emerged at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. In the meantime, both the world and china are both in a big change. All around the world, wars and conflicts are full of the whole international environment. After the Opium War, China starts its difficult social transformation. The social transformation of modern China accompanies with the sharp social changes. The specific performance of social changes of modern China are in the following aspects:the marginalization of nationhood, the breakdown of political order and the reconstruction of political order, the transformation of economic model, the culture clashes between East and West and the sharp national conflict. These are all obstacles which affect the harmony and steadiness of modern China. Sun Yat-sen's Harmony Ideas is just on the basis of understanding the reason why modern China is inharmonious. Therefore, this thesis gives an analysis on the generation of Sun Yat-sen's Harmony Ideas from the background of age and gets the conclusion that Sun Yat-sen's Harmony Ideas is the product of the era.The contents of Sun Yat-sen's Harmony Ideas are quite rich, involving political economic, cultural, national and international etc. In the political aspect. Sun Yat-sen advocates rebuilding political order and establishing a democratic, high efficiency, incorrupt and united Bourgeois government starts with the reason that causes an inharmonious political order of China. In the economic aspect, Sun Yat-sen mainly analyzes the obstacles of economic modernization which caused by backward productivity, in coordinate regional economic, malformed economic structure and chaos economic order and thus, proposes to propose to establish a harmonious economy that owns highly developed productive forces, balanced development among different regions, justice and full of vitality. In cultural, Sun Yat-sen begins with the consideration of moderating the cultural conflicts between West and East, or between cultural update and system mutual orientation reconstruction, and promotes blending different cultural essence. So as to conceive new culture and carry out cultural harmony. In national relationship. Sun Yat-sen judges that the sharp national conflicts in the late Qing Dynasty is one of the reasons that cause social conflict, so he. Sun Yat-sen advocates safeguarding equality among ethnic groups and promoting their unity. In the international relations, to the international order that is full of might and no right; Sun Yat-sen advocates building a just and peaceful world.Sun Yat-sen knows the experience and the trends of world development. He designs a future social blueprint of modern China and even the way that enters the future society. Sun Yat-sen's Harmony Ideas inosculates tradition and modern. It is prospective but Utopian moreover. It has the spirit of Conflicting and Blending. It contributes a lot for the development of modern china. But it has limitation of the class and the times inevitably. The democracy that Sun Yat-sen advocates just limits to the moneyed classes. There is compromise in the struggle against imperialism and feudalism. Thus, Sun Yat-sen's cognition to the national conditions and economic development law.
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