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Economic Life Of The Community And Development Of Grassroots Democracy

Posted on:2012-10-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335969105Subject:Political Theory
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This paper which bases on the economic life of the community, explores the relationship between the economic life of the community and the development of grassroots democracy according on various aspects in the economic system:economic interests of the people from the community, economic relations of the people from the community, economic organizations of the people from the community and economic distribution of the people from the community. The development of the four economic factors are consciously or unconsciously promoting grassroots democracy in our country towards the depth direction in theorywhile in practice.People's self-awareness has been grown since the establishment of private property rights and awake of people's consciousness of economic interests. The development of the awareness on consciously safeguarding the self interests rights thereby required of the relative laws and institutions. The level of democracy in rural communities has improved gradually with the development and change of the economic interests of the community since the reform on household contract responsibility system in China. The establishment and development of the economic interests make different people in the community various economic relations. Conflicts of interest in the search for the solution of the common interests of the development process, the establihment of grass-roots democratic institutions and sound into a conscious grassroots needs and provide them with a fusion of interests, interests of the game, the interests of compromise, the interests of the development of a platform, making the community people at the grassroots level within the framework of a democratic system to resolve basic conflicts of interest problems, improved maintenance and development of their own interests. Economic relations in dealing with the above process, the community will gradually recognize the individual community economic development organizations to better unite the power of the common interests of the community, and enhance the game forces with other organizations, to better protect and realize their own economic interests. The community has also come to understand compared to many production and trade between individuals, organized the production and transaction costs are small, but also more conducive to social competition between the two groups. Community residents in the economic activities inside and outside the organization to gradually learn the rules of democracy, to develop the habits of democracy. Individual and organizational activities in a market economy, because the difference between their own economic interests and economic relations between the different organizational strength of the poor, will have a different distribution pattern of economic benefits, but whether it is fair or unfair distribution of economic benefits areto promote public awareness in the community to only strengthen grassroots democracy in order to better safeguard social fairness and justice, maintain social sustainable development.Nowadays, the development of grassroots democracy still faces various difficulties. The resolution of these difficulties focus on fostering the soil of the community democratic development basic on the four aspects (economic benefits, economic relations, economic organizations and economic allocation) in the economic life of the community. Only in this way, grassroots democracy in China can upstair a new level.
Keywords/Search Tags:economic interests, economic relations, economic organization, economic distribution, grassroots democracy
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