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Study On The Mechanism Of Shenzhen Government's Publie Serivce Outsourcing

Posted on:2012-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335970175Subject:Administrative Management
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The total transformation of Chinese economy and society make the public service capability can not fulfill the constant raised need of the public. Many city's basic government begin to learn the successful experience of The New Public Manage Movement, bring the market mechanism into public sectors, provide better public service by outsoureing.The study achievements in the public service marketization, public service outsoureing and relevant fields are abundant, the scholars have researched the cause of public service outsourcing, the influencial factors of the outsourcing decision making, the participants behavior in the outsourcing process, and other problems from macroscopical or microscopic perspectives and use normotive or empirical research methodologies. They have obtained diversified achievements. But in exsting achievements, the explanation of the cause of public service outsourcing is different, and there are lacks of the researches toward the public service outsourcing practice of Chinese city's basic govenments, and it's difficult for the achievernents which based on the foreign practice to explain and guide the practice of Chinese government. So to answer the cause of Chinese city's basic government's public service outsoureing and other questions, this paper has guided by the theory of virtual government, used in-depth interview and other methods to collect data, researched deeply into the context of the public service outsourcing practice of Shenzhen.First of all, this paper considered that the causes of Shenzhen government's public service outsourcing has external causes and internal causes. The external causes come from economic and politic aspects, this paper summarized the economic cause as "financial support reduetion", summarized the political cause as "political pressure strengthen". Meanwhile, this paper summarized the internal cause as "requirement of the efficiency promotion"Secondiy, this paper analysed the stakeholders of Shenzhen government's public service outsourcing. It considered that the most important stakeholders are government, enterprises, staff, social citizens. It discovered that current Shenzhen government had obviously deviation in their role positioning in the public service outsourcing process. It lost the final objectives and ignored the responsibility which they should take to the social citizens after they have outsourced the public servce. Thirdly, this paper analysed the problems in the current mechanism of Shenzhen govenunent's public service outsourcing, and provided theoretical guidance to design and perfect the mechanism of Shenzhen govenunent's public service outsourcing, based on the perspective of vlriual govenunent.Finally, this paper summarized the content and the weak points.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shenzhen, Public Service Outsourcing, Virtual Government
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