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Research On Legislative Regulation Of False Advertisement

Posted on:2012-09-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330335970910Subject:Economic Law
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With the reform and opening of the market economy, the government encourages various promote socialist market economy healthy and orderly development of lawful means, advertising is one of them. Commercial advertisement in the promotion of goods and services on a bigger role, but generates of false advertising will be more and more. In early August 2000 Chinese consumer society special investigation shows, the false advertisements have become a nuisance. In recent years, from SanLu melamine, to speak of a variety of health, hot again to TV shopping on exaggerated cosmetics, jewelry and so on, false advertising behavior increasingly fierce, prohibit repeatedly. The government in false advertising on the question of the attitude is determined .However, as "law" of the our country, in the regulation of false advertising behavior problems still exist many omissions, let outlaws bores laws. So, want to maintain the stability of the market and promote the development of the advertising industry, our nation must take effective measures to ensure the supervision and review the role play advertising supervision, and shall fully contact advertising self-discipline principle and the consumer protection law, the anti-unfair competition law and other relevant laws and regulations, achieve from different angles regulation of false advertising behavior. Moreover, our law also is insufficient, need supervision department and legal system constantly adapt to the emergence of new problems, and change. China wants to keep the development of the market and the social economic stability, and will work hard to improve the level of the advertising industry self-discipline, improve supervision ways and means to enhance consumer's propaganda and to the media, continuously according to international standards disciplinary and new requirements, and gradually improve the regulation transparency, only in this way can we truly blow contain false advertising behavior.The first part of this paper puts forward false advertising problems, from the definition, characteristic and recognition in principle of false advertising to make explanations. The second part of China were discussed in the regulation of false advertising behavior on existing problems, especially asymmetric problem between advertisement examination and the contents of advertisements, illegal income and punishment amount. The third part discusses advertising industry regulation in the international and individual advertising industry developed countries, especially with the United States advertising industry regulator and self-discipline and afterwards correction expounded emphatically. The fourth part, the author above our problems existing in the reference other countries on the basis of experience to perfect our country false advertising regulatory Suggestions were put forward .
Keywords/Search Tags:False advertising, Legal regulation, Advertising self-discipline, The government supervision
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