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Discussion On Our Compensation System For Involuntary Resettlement

Posted on:2012-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Currently, the world produced more than ten millions of involuntary resettlement by construction, but so far involuntary resettlement is still a difficult problem not well solved in the world. Involuntary resettlement from different angles can be classified into different types, they have a series of characteristics, voluntary,social group in its sheer scale,destructive and poverty,long-term and irreversibility,developmental and so on. Involuntary resettlements as the special group sacrifice the interests of the individual for national interests, The state protects their legitimate rights is very important, involuntary resettlement can be summarized as four basic rights , survival,equity,property and new property rights. Over the years, countries in the world are constantly exploring the experience involuntary resettlement, and made a lot of advanced practical results, Including the development of the World Bank-based compensation system for involuntary resettlement,the accountability that owners represent compensation system by the United States,the accountability that the central government represent the compensation system by Egypt,the experience of the land acquisition compensation and non-governmental organizations playing the role in India, and so on. Since our country founding 60 years, compensation system for involuntary resettlement occurred four changes In the legal system and policy field with the political and economic situation and land reforming, including by way of transferring of land for the implementation of economic compensation,resolving the compensation and resettlement simply by executive order means,improving the land acquisition norms and taking the line of development resettlement compensation,adhering to the sustainable development and the new law further improve the compensation mechanism. We gradually form a compensation system for involuntary resettlement , but there are still a number of defects, for example, land property system,scope of compensation,the standard of compensation,mechanism for protection of the rights of migrants, and so on. For these defects, our country must design a new and workable framework for involuntary resettlement compensation system. Including fully play the role of the market in optimizing the allocation of resources in the process of compensation for involuntary resettlement,clarifying land property rights in order to establish market-oriented system for land compensation,developing the new system of transferring land in the Involuntary resettlement areas,improving the support policies on late for involuntary resettlement to promote economic development,speeding up the construction of small towns as well as the implementation of enterprise management for involuntary resettlement,improving the protection of the rights of migrants in the mechanism,creating the new social security system for involuntary resettlement, and so on.
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