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China′s Reform And Imprvoment Of The Arrest

Posted on:2012-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330338495564Subject:Procedural Law
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Arrested in criminal coercive measures of our country is the most severe, is a smooth criminal lawsuit activity the most powerful guarantee. Although the criminal procedure law of our country to arrest the conditions, the approval and decided to procedure, and execution procedures, etc have a comparatively detailed rules, but by the influence of the traditional legal culture, and because China's arrest system is a kind of administrative system, so in system design and operation on specific also exist some problems, such as extended custody issues, arrested relief mechanism imperfect, etc. If these problems can't receive timely solve, it will affect the social public to the criminal justice system's approval. This article through to the arrest of the legislation and judicial system, and puts forward the analysis of the current situation of reform and improvement of the principles and specific measures. First of all, strengthen the protection of human rights consciousness; Second, the reform of the approval and decided to arrest programs achieve approval and decided to arrest the judicial procedure; Finally, strengthen the arrest of the remedy of effective and timely. The arrest of the system to reform and perfect the system in China is to solve the arrest of long existing problems such as extended custody of the key factors for the country according to law, our country to build a harmonious society to have the important meaning.
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