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Research On Community Construction Measure Under Perspective Of Corporatism Theory

Posted on:2012-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330338954658Subject:Administrative Management
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Liaoning association construction is in the period of important strategic opportunities once in a blue moon.Because government streamlined and association reorganization strengthened,liaoning association's scale expands unceasingly,function improves continuously,position in the world highlights further.During the economic system reform process,an important task is the comprehensive transformation of the old industrial bases in the northeast.The old bases in the northeast not only embody the brilliance of the planned economy system,also embody all the disadvantages of it. Liaoning is the largest industrial city of northeast,It is a microcosm of many problems of the old industrial base in the northeast.How to standard association's development in the old industrial base is the main problem discussed in this paper.This paper is focus on the associations in Liaoning Province.Association is an important part of NPOs in Liaoning Province. not only the earliest dominant, and also on the number.At present,there is no ready-made theory to the problem of NPOs development in old industrial base,which makes Liaoning association lost its ways in the transformation.This article attempts to analysis liaoning association's development situation and existing problems through the corporatism theory,referencing the associations's development and construction experiences in other industrial base.And puts forward development countermeasures of liaoning association.This paper adopts the theory framework of cooperation between communities and government.It claims liaoning construct a kind of benign mutual cooperation relationship model.The essence of this relationship is through cooperation to achieve reciprocal advantages and reach win-win effect finally.The research method used in this paper is literature research,descriptive study,experience summary.The author attempts to compare different provinces'actuality over these years,and provide theoretical and practical preparation for Liaoning Province according to the research results and the experience. This article look at present development situation and existing problems on the basic of the impact of the relations between liaoning association and government in the old industrial base.The relation between association and government is the government domination cooperation and control relations.Unbalanced number and scale,the organization function realization not sufficiently,the lack of institutionalized cooperation mechanism.These are the major problems of liaoning province associations. According to the issues above,the paper raise the main point of view:Association building is an important part of the old industrial base transformation,the balanced development of associations in each city,to create the sound environment for the old industrial base;To perfect liaoning associations organization differentiation function;to establish institutionalized cooperation mechanism between liaoning government and associations Through the interaction to promote liaoning economy development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Association Construction, Old Industrial Base Transformation, Liaoning Province
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