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The Research Of Mao Zedong's Visiting The Soviet Union For The First Time

Posted on:2011-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After new China had been established, the Soviet Union first acknowledged itand established diplomatic relations with it. Afterwards,Mao Zedong immediatelyprepared to visit the Soviet Union. At last, China and the Soviet Union come to anagreement that Mao Zedong visited the Soviet Union at the beginning of December,1949. Mao Zedong began his first visiting in the Soviet Union On December 6,thatwas also the only meeting between Mao Zedong and Stalin, and this visit hasextremelysignificant for new China.Because America and the Soviet Union strove for hegemony after the SecondWorld War, there were two big opposite camps in the world. According to theinternational situation, the Communist Party of China publicly announced thestrategic concept of"leaned to one side", and Mao Zedong's visiting was the concreterealization of it. The main goal of this visiting was to sign a new Sino-Soviet treaty,abolish"Sino-Soviet Friendship Treaty of Alliance"signed in 1945.In fact, in the eveof China's founding, Mao Zedong had proposed to visit the Soviet Union many times,but he was always refused by Stalin in all kinds of reasons. Finally, the Soviet Unionsent Mikoyan to visit China, and then the Communist Party of China sent Liu Shaoqito visit the Soviet Union, and both of their visiting were prepared for Mao Zedong's.After the founding of the nation, Mao Zedong finally went out to the Soviet Union,achieved his wishes, started the first visit in the Soviet Union.There were many meetings and negotiations between Stalin and Mao Zedong inthe period of visiting. Concerning the vested interest of"Sino-Soviet FriendshipTreaty of Alliance", Stalin was unwilling to sign a new Sino-Soviet treaty. Therefore,negotiations of the Sino-Soviet treaty didn't advance smoothly as Mao Zedong'sexpected ,and there were many difficulties on the way to negotiations of theSino-Soviet treaty. There were intense contests between Stalin and Mao Zedong onsigning a new Sino-Soviet treaty or not. They both hold on their views, and none ofthem was willing to yield.Because the Soviet Union had no news reported about Mao Zedong in a verylong time, which caused many suspicions. Western nations used this opportunity tospread the rumor of"put under house arrest", which causes particular anxious between China and the Soviet Union Soviet Union, especially for the latter. Finally,under the proposition of ambassador Wang Jiaxiang, Mao Zedong convened"toanswer reporter's question", and he used this opportunity to publicly indicate the goalof signing the Sino-Soviet new treaty. In the current time, China also gained somevictories in the diplomacy, and many countries such as India, Burma, England and soon were willing to establish diplomatic relations with new China.Influenced by all sorts of factors, Stalin finally made the concession, and heagreed Zhou Enlai to Moscow and signed a new Sino-Soviet treaty, substituting"Sino-Soviet friendship Treaty of alliance"signed between Soviet Government andKuomintang Government in 1945.This was an very important matter in the history ofSino-Soviet relations, and caused a very big echo in the international world. BecauseChina achieved the Soviet Union's supports and aids, which created a good conditionfor new China to the development of each construction enterprise.
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