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Studies On Transitional Form Of Crimes

Posted on:2006-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q G LiFull Text:PDF
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Created by Chinese criminal law circles, the conception transitional form of crimes has aroused recognition and attention in theory area of legislation. But there is still no objective, systematical and authorized research in this field. Transitional form of crimes is widely used in legislation. From 1979 Criminal Law to 1997 Criminal Law, more normative and scientific articles have been added. But there is a lack of theoretical support in it. With the use of common theory in criminology and science of criminal law the present author does some shallow research on transitional form of crimes. The paper presents some original views and opinion on elements, criminal status, crimination and sentencing of transitional form of crimes in judicatory practice. The author considers that basic crime of transitional form of crimes consists of illicit activities; basic crimes can be transformed when it is not accomplished or...
Keywords/Search Tags:transitional form of crimes, elements, status, crimination, sentencing
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