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Study On Supply-Demand Cooperation Model Of The Supply Chain In Electronic Commerce

Posted on:2006-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152489817Subject:Business management
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With the economy development and competition's globalization and the customer require rising unceasingly, the development of information technology and logistics technology are impelled speedily. As a management idea or means based on a global angle, supply chain management (SCM) is devoted more and more. At the same time, the development of the electronic commerce (EC) compromises and promotes the development of the supply chain (SC) mutually. SCM's essence is coordination and triumph each other. Up till now, studies on the SC coordination are superb collection of beautiful things, yet numerous and disorderly and different one-tenth setup. Especially, as far as the coordination pattern, some present theories about the SC coordination are researched, and then the SC coordination pattern setup is finally obtained, which makes useful exploration for the development and application of SCM. Based on the past researches, according to the inseparable degree of the coordination relationship, the coordination relationship among corporations in SCM may be divided on time, to four phases: traditional business relationship, logistics relationship, partner relationship and strategy mate relationship. The value chain idea is applied to analyze the coordination relationship among corporations in SCM. In the wake of work in close cooperation between the enterprises one by one, and the value chain between the enterprises is jointed on three levels: logistics, information flows and capital flows, which forms the value chain of the supply chain. Moreover, as to the formation of the SC coordination, the problem of supplier joining in SC is considered. On the one hand, supplier should synthetically consider the value of the living hazard degree and the maximum likelihood profit; on the other hand, profit will be compared when joining in the different SC. After formed the SC coordination relationship,in the strategy level, the SC strategic coordination is addressed in detailed. As the core of the thesis, the supply-demand coordination pattern in SC is obtained from the enterprise angle, and the supply-demand coordination pattern setup is proposed. First of all, it introduces the drawing and pushing style of the supply-demand coordination pattern in SC on macroscopic view, and discusses simply its development; then explains the foundational supply-demand coordination patterns in SC on microcosmic view. Secondly, after introduced "the core enterprise", the supply-demand coordination pattern are divided into supplier style, manufacturer style, distribution enterprise style, customer style and logistics enterprise style, and then all are discussed. Finally, the reference pattern is proposed to evaluate SC coordination efficiency, and its application is illustrated. The pattern has specified reference value and direction sense when enterprise chooses part and fixes position in SCM practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain (SC), Electronic Commerce (EC), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Core Enterprise, Cooperation Model
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