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Analysis On Land Use Change And Its Driving Forces In Chengdu City

Posted on:2006-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Land use and land cover change is one of the most important components and major causes to global environmental changes, and study on it has been the frontier all the while after entering the new millennium. As land cover change is related with land use, and man's driving forces in turn control land use, it is necessary to reveal the relationship between the land cover and the social driving forces. The Chinese government energetically responds to the relevant research addenda jointly formulated by IGBP and human field research project of global environmental change and tries to get in line with it as well as reflects the Chinese characteristics.Based on the foundation of analysis of the domestic and international LUCC study situation in this text, we analyzed the progress of the acquisition about the LUCC study in international and our country. The investigative contents in LUCC study include the core problem that has something to do with world environment change and strategy problem of sustainable development in nation or districts. Three important research fields are the change mechanism in land use study of individual cases, prognosticate directly and the synthesize model of land cover change mechanism, the model on regional and global scale. The study on LUCC in international much concentrates in the classification, development monitors and the evaluation with the environment affect of land cover change, the research is not much on the LUCC driving forces. Although the major driving forces of land use change in the human activity is recognized, the quantitative analysis in contribution of the driving function to the social economic factors and imitate is difficult while in building the model of LUCC. The domestic study in LUCC emphases primarilyin some representative's region through with the RS, the model computing and analysis in the open country prognosticates and the data of statistics investigation, inquiry into the process of LUCC, driving mechanism and environment effect. The system study on the LUCC in domestic, and the world change time that respond to is not long, the study on the driving problem is still placed in the stage of the entry-level, the mostly study just pay attention to influence of a certain or some several driving forces that having impact on the land use change. From now on, we should enhance development study in LUCC, improve the homologous method, the study on sustainable development problem having something to do with LUCC, will become the core problem in our country in LUCC.According to the data of land use and socioeconomic statistics in 1996-2002, this paper uses the method of qualitative description conjoining quantitative analysis to analyze the land use change and its driving forces in Chengdu city. The analysis result shows that the land use change is obvious. (1) The dynamic variety of the land use type is trend of land for agriculture and land area of does not use is decrease, the area of land for construction is increase. (2) The structure of land use changes obviously. The area of cultivated land and other agriculture land is decrease, the area of woodland and garden increases, and the area of other agriculture land; there is slightly increment in grassland area. The structure variety of land for construction is the resident dot and land for industry and mine increasing mostly. (3) The degree variety of land use is that land use rate and land reclaiming rate increases gradually. The regional difference of land use degree is obvious; the center city area is high, the suburb area county, and municipal is lower with suburban area county city. (4) The regional difference of land use is obvious, the structure of land use in the center area is the land for construction and cultivates land, and the vegetable land and garden land in area occupies the equal specific weight. The suburb area of land use is mainly cultivated land, and the suburban area land use is construction land and woodland. (5) The total soil environment in total is good, the area above 95% attains the II environment quantity standard, butthe heavy metal elements in the partial region exists the pollution in the different degree. Soil erosion, the soil environment pollution, and the area-cultivated land reduce year-by-year causes the land resources to suffer the breakage, the antinomy outstanding between the city development and the farmland protection.The relative analysis shows that the driving factors causing the land use change are not natural factors, and the analysis results derived from the main composition analysis and gray analysis shows that the driving factors causing the land use change are the humanities society factors primarily, among them the regional economy development, the population increase, and urbanization factors etc. are major driving forces. The regional economy development, urbanization and the population having the influence in the land use change is the land quantity, land use structure, and land use degree. The quantity change of the land use has the performance that the land for agriculture and the land not to being used is decrease, and the land for construction is increase. The structure change on the land for agriculture is cultivated land decrease, the area of woodland, garden land, and grassland increment, and the structure change of land for construction performances that the land area for resident dots and for industry and for mine is increase. The land use degree is increase gradually, and the regional difference of land use is obviously. The environment quantity for land descent, and the soil erosion area increase.Chengdu city is being placed acceleration stage before the industrialization, the speed that industrial structure adjustment is quickly, and it leads to reallocate the land resources among the industry sections, and change inevitably in land use structure. Meanwhile, the specific weights that the land for agriculture is descent, or the farmland quantity is decrease, and the area of land for construction is increase. The raising of people's living standards through with the change of consummation need has the influence obviously in land use. People's live is to be changed to comparatively well-off type from the basic necessities (i.e. food and cloth) type and the food structure is adjusted to animosity food by plant food, thestructure of the farmland plants converse from two structure based on single food and economic plant to diverse structure on the basis of food, economic plant and animal food, etc. The area of various management land for horticulture, livestock farming, marine products, etc. is increase, and it cause the adjustment of agriculture economic structure in further. Urbanization is inevitable emergence process that modern economy development, and it make the land use no agriculture and increase the area of land for construction through with the population, industry concentrates, and the region spreading to take up the land. There is positive relation with related coefficient 0.985 between the urbanization and the land for construction. The model analysis shows that the unit urbanization percentage for taking up the area of land for construction increase very quickly in the last few years in Chengdu city, and it leads to setting up area of city to extend quickly. There is negative relation with related coefficient 0.985 between the urbanization and the cultivated land. The calculation result shows that the unit urbanization for taking up area of farmland is also increase very quickly in Chengdu city. The population factor causes change relatively of amount and structure of land for agriculture and structure, cause the exaltation of land use degree, the ecosystem environment quantity of land relatively change, and enlarge the pressure of the land resources.And the land use has situation that per capita land resource indigence, the land resources of the back up use is the serious shortage, the land area for facility is small, the land area for the village resident orders is over big etc. problems.
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