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The Development Strategy Of Wuhan Optical Valley Based On Cluster Theory

Posted on:2006-09-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152988867Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The noun of cluster was brought out by Potter , Professor of American Harvard business school, proposes the concept of industrial cluster formally in his book " Competition Advantage of Nation "in 1990.This concept has become a new mode of thinking to know government economic and a new tool to promote economy and policy in science and technology already. In our country, the demonstration effect has begun to show in the industrial cluster of such provinces as Zhejiang, Guangdong, etc. So all authorities have set about cluster strategy from central authorities to the local governments.In recent years, many people of our country has carried on deep research to the industrial cluster problem, and the function on the regional economy of the industrial cluster has got the attention of every local government. Following the foreign good industrial cluster mode and the emerging of some domestic industrial cluster of area, many provinces begin to make the industrial cluster development policies and put them into effect one after another.what is the core competitive advantage of clusters relative to single enterprise? Through comparison and synthesis of the current popular cluster theory, the theoretical part of this paper gathers the core competition advantage that clusters have.To Hubei Province, the development of enterprise's cluster is not fully up to expectations. But the government has not ignored the importance of cluster but do all he can to catch up to promote the development of industry's cluster in a more cost-effective manner on the basis of using various kinds of manpower and material resources synthetically.. A typical example is the photoelectric information technology industrialization base of Wuhan of construction for February of 2001 formally (Wuhan Optical Valley).The emphasis point of this thesis lies in using various kinds of theories, including Management, Industry's Economics, Geography Economic, Financial Theory to study how we can play advantages Wuhan have and its central point lies in how to develop Wuhan Optical Valley of China into a cluster of high-new scientific and technological enterprise cluster.At the end of the paper, it carried out the development strategy of Wuhan Optical Valley.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Clusters, Core competitiveness, Wuhan Optical Valley, Strategy
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