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Appraisal And Analysis On The Assets Appraisal Basic Standards

Posted on:2006-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L P YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155452183Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The market economy is in the stage of developing in china, so the Assets Appraisal Standards is also in the course of integrity. The Financial Department issues 《AssetsAppraisal Standards-Basic Standards》 and 《Assets Appraisal Occupational MoralsStandards-Basic Standards》 on February 25, 2004 established by China AppraisalSociety. The appraisal personnel's appraisal directly affects the two standards' action. So the purpose of this paper is to judge appraisal personnel how to appraise the two standards, according to survey and the data coming from the securities market; in addition, proposes some profitable suggestions to the Assets Appraisal Standards basing on the problems found in research. This paper expounds the science, source, field of research methods. Then introduces the relevant theories of Regulation Economics and New Institutional Economics that used in this paper. In the part of appraisal, this paper explores the appraisal personnel's degree of acceptance. In order to check the appraisal, this paper counts changes of appraisal increasing rate from the data of Assets appraisal reports, and draws the conclusion that the tendency of appraisal increasing rate becomes less and less. This paper finds out that most of items are accepted by surveying. But some appraisal personnel think that a few items can't be grasped because they are too general and a few items have another problem that appraisal personnel will cheat the clients because these items give them some rights of choice. In the part of analysis on appraisal, this paper uses relevant theories of Regulation Economics and New Institutional Economics to analyze the appraisal and these problems. In the part of conclusion and suggestion, firstly this paper draws the conclusion that the two standards are accepted by appraisal personnel but have some problems, then puts forward some policy suggestions to how to perfect the Assets Appraisal Standards in the sides of establishment and implementation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Assets Appraisal Basic Standards, Appraisal, Increasing rate, Regulation Economics, New Institutional Economics
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