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The Study On The Construction Of Responsible Government Basing On The Investigation Institution In China

Posted on:2006-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Public responsibility is a kind of essential attribute of modern government. While this attribute is not certainly realized as an aim, or need a long development process at least, which include the transition from theory to reality and the internalization from regulations to sense. On the theory, this thesis tries to break through the restriction of analytic mode and subject fields, and explains the contents and value of government responsibility from multi-domain angles of ethics, law, politics and administration science, and points out that the government responsibility should be divided into ethical, legal, political and executive responsibility as for the system structure. Basing on the above, the thesis makes the concept of the government responsibility as "the government is able to realize the public reasonable demands, and make equal, efficient and all-round response with active measures". This thesis also considers that the government responsibility arises from its essential value and characteristics, which includes the social contract, sovereign rights from the public, and ethic leading. The government responsibility is achieved when the responsible government is built up. The difference among modern democratic national regimes decides the difference of contents and operation of government responsibility, and the difference of features and patterns of responsible government. So this thesis deems that the responsible government should satisfy and respond the reasonable public requirement, which discusses responsible government's concept and realization in view of macro-scope development of modern democracy politics, and break through the traditional responsible government's demand in the regime. The investigation of government responsibility in this thesis is a kind of supervisory institution investigating overall government responsibility, whose purport is the normalization and procedure of the active and subjective government responsibility via the restriction and investigation to the passive and objective government responsibility. Basing the above, the functions of the investigation of government responsibility should include: punish, maintaining the order, prevention and remedy. The subjects of the investigation of government responsibility usually include administration organ, power mechanism, political party, social opinion(mainly the news media)and judicial organ. As for the concept of subjects, the investigation can be divided into internal investigation and external investigation. Compared with the former, the external investigation is undoubtedly a kind of more efficient and democratic institution. The objects of the investigation of government responsibility are the subjects of responsibility, which include administration organ and officials, and the other public servants in China nowadays. Just as the law, the investigation of government responsibility should obey the certain and clear principles as well, which consist of concretely the principles of responsibility pursuant the power, the overall investigation to the government responsibility, and the ethic judgment as necessary complement. In point of fact, investigation institution is not a really new regulation in our country, which has existed as responsible institution of no system. This thesis arranges the development process of the investigation of government responsibility on coverage widening and institution building up. There are also some problems and difficulties in the development of the investigation of government responsibility, including that the investigation of power mechanism is comparatively weak, which has become the key point of system construction; the standards of responsibility are not clear enough, for instance, the multiple political identities of the officials, the cross functions and power of government departments; the indistinct division between the chief and vice-officials, etc., which lead to the difficulty of responsibility judgment essentially; the resignation for the blame is often abused, which should have been not forced but conscious behaviors. Systematizing the resignation for the blame and avoiding more misconception are the most urgent key points, which include making clear the ranks of officials and responsibility that fit for the resignation for the blame, and realizing that the resignation for the blame is not the settlement for everything. In addition, weshould pay further attention to the officials after resignation, which would relate to whether the investigation of government responsibility can take effect in deed. The investigation of government responsibility is just the preliminary paradigm of responsible government. As a kind of political concept, it contains not only the responsibility institution which realize the government responsibility, but also the internalization of responsibility concept, which is the highest state of government responsibility and the last target of responsible government. Scientific concept and evaluation of cost-effect is very significant for the construction and execution of system. Responsible government is a compound of a series of relative institutions, any of which could be in effect only when the anticipation of cost-effect is reasonable. The analysis of institution cost-effect as for the construction of responsible government just aims at offering the principle and executive instruction. Otherwise, it just focus on the internal and external effect of responsible government, which provides further valuable proof for the responsible government from the view of economics Responsible government should consist of all-round responsibility guarantee and restriction institution in the whole course and key links of government behaviors. The first is the responsible restriction of decision-making, which can avoid and reduce the decision mistakes. The second is scientific responsibility evaluation institution, which contain the widely evaluation group and the complete evaluation standards. The third is efficient responsibility executive institution, which can be divided into investigation and supervision mechanism as for functions. The fourth is the remedy institution of responsibility investigation, which is the inevitable requirement of legal investigation. The construction of responsible government should pay attention to not only the building up of restriction institution, but also the flaws of systems. Integrated responsibility institution could not make permanent effect without fine public environment, which contains in detail making the metabolism institution of government and enhancing the diathesis of the public servants;...
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