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Research On Mordern Agriculture Mode Of Pixian District, Chengdu

Posted on:2006-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155460776Subject:Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
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Our agriculture development have come into a new stage, of which developing goal, function, environment and condition have transformed profoundly. Now, the construction of modern agriculture is increasingly pending and the various modern agriculture models have turned up in various areas. In this paper, the connotation of modern agriculture is expounded basing on our actual circumstance and the existing theory, and that the predominant content is explained in particular. Modern agriculture is supposed to be efficient and sustainable, in step with society and in harmony with environment. Water is the life of agriculture. For the modern agriculture, water must be utilized efficiently. An agriculture model must come into being based on the existing conditions of water, climate and the human society. In this paper, a couple of models and their usefulness are discussed. They are convenient for being adopted. Pixian district, located in Chengdu suburb, is a typical agriculture district. She has more efficient agriculture level than the norm of our country by virtue of the convenience of climate, geography and water conservancy works. The sightseeing trees and the nursery have been a landscape of Pixian district and NongKe Vallige(NKV) is the cradle of village-sightseeing in our country, therefore Pixian district has advantageous qualifications to develop the tourism agriculture. In order to promote the economic, the superior resource, for instance marketplace and talent, should be utilized sufficiently, the efficiency of the land and water resource improved and the contradiction between more population and less land dimension conquered. The suitable models such as eco-agriculture, courtyard agriculture and tourism agriculture are supposed to be developed on a large scale relying on correct direction, improved marketplace and agriculture talent. In this paper, Longxi is chosen as project area, which possesses good climate and convenient traffic, yet a lower average income than the whole district. Longxi is neighboring to NKV, but whose economy, standard of living and etc. is much lower than that of NKV. In accordance with the theory of the modern agriculture and the actual condition in project area, the hydraulic facilities will be transformed so as to serve for agriculture better, the river, ditches, roads, crop lands will be schemed with a view to develop more sightseeing resource. The project is applied mainly to find out a model which will be suitable for Longxi, able to improve the peasants'income and standard of living, ameliorate eco-environment and keep sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:modern agriculture, model, water-saving agriculture, tourism agriculture, courtyard agriculture
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