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On The Policies,Regulations And Laws Of The Govermental Archival IRM Among China And Other Countries

Posted on:2006-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155461066Subject:Archival science
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This essay, by comparing the development process, establishment situation and the legislature characteristics of the AIRM(Archive Information Resource Management) Law-policy-making between the home and abroad, analyzes China government legislature establishment status Quo about the AIRM, and puts forward the author's academic suggestions from the necessity, legislature principle, framing-up and content of the law-policy-making system, so as to giving consultation and reference for China's AIRM law-making.The evolution history of archive and archive information is long and the two are inseperable entity. With the advent of information epoch, IR (information resources) is becoming a significant national strategical resource and the foreign countries' legislature protection for the IR is long-standing. As far as this is concerned, the United States does well and for the reason of systematically producing, preserving and managing AIR(Archive Information Resources), they lay down a series of policy and law.Since the founding of People's Republic of China, we have established the principle and institution about the archive work, gradually built the government's AIRM system centered on the official clerks. ?The Archive Law of People's Republic of China)) , implemented from January 1st, 1988, is the first law promulagated by China's highest power department. From the past work experience, we can conclude only through the concerned law-making can we efficiently solve the institution and technique problems of the AIRM.Different governments have different institution and characteristics for the AIRM law-making. The U.S. , Canada, the Great Britain, Russia, Japan and Korea all manifest differently on the legislature pattern, legislature principle, the content that a government unveils and safety protection, etc.The innovation of this essay is: based on the reference from the different countries' law-making, combined with reality about China's AIRM, at the end , the author puts forward her personal thinking and suggestions from the necessity, legislature principle, the framing-up and content of the law-making system of the AIRM.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government, Archives, IRM, Regulations and Laws
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