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Establishment Of Chinese Bail System Upon The Experience Of Anglo-American Law

Posted on:2006-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The bail in this paper refers to the bond put up or certain conditions accepted by a person who has been charged with a crime to secure his/her release. There are many forms and complicated procedures concerning the bail system that is mature in the United Kingdom and the United States and has obtained great support from a great number of social organizations. This system has profoundly theoretical basis and will have a great impact on the Chinese criminal procedural law. The author points out that there are differences between the guaranteed pending trial system and the bail system, which enables the people concerned difficult to solve the problems occur in the criminal procedural area. It is the most feasible and effective way to set up the bail system with Chinese Characteristics benefiting from the experience of the bail system. It is not only necessary but also feasible to introduce the bail system because the intrinsic system of the bail system enables it operate effectively in China and the better-off conditions in present China has created suitable environment to introduce such a system into China. When establishing this system in China, it needs changes in our thinking and concept, well-designed operating procedures, detailedmeasures regarding this system, effective implementation rules and widely support from the society.
Keywords/Search Tags:The bail system, Rights, Procedure, The guaranteed pending trial
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