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On Jurisprudence Of Plea Bargaining

Posted on:2005-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Plea bargaining system is great contribution that the United States judicial circle provided to world procedure system. It firstly ran within several states, then was approved by U.S. Supreme Court, and finally became a part of formal procedure system confirmed by the Code. While it is a little bit difficult to accept the concept of plea bargaining from points of judicial traditions, plea bargaining really has several advantages in saving judicial cost, raising efficiency and guaranteeing the main rights of concerned parties in the process. So it was considered a important break-through in judicial system when it emerged. Later on, it crossed the national boundary, spread in many countries with different law family background and displayed its mighty dynamicism. With the same goal of efficiency and fairness, the judicatory reform in our country faces the same situation with respect to lacking resources. So we shall explore the possibility of establishing plea bargaining system with Chinese characters. After in-depth research of the plea bargaining system aboard, the author analyzes the unique mechanism, the worth inside and the procedure structure of the system from different aspect ,and reveal the rationality, necessity and possibility of implementing plea bargaining system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Plea bargaining, Criminal procedure, Implementation
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