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Study On Thematic Development For Ethnic Cultural Tourism

Posted on:2006-08-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155471483Subject:History of Chinese Ethnic Minorities
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Generally speaking, otherness is the fundamental factors to attract the traveling. In fact things with most distinguish otherness in vary countries and places are the ethnic culture rather than the landscape. Therefore, for the purpose of taking the tourist market and sharing this delicious tourist cake, all the countries and places have to establish various tourism development plans to thoroughly explore the native ethnic culture to attract the tourists. In view of the significance and the developmental trend of ethnic culture in tourism development along with the theoretical study and practice on it, the author selected the study of ethnic cultural tourism development as his postgraduate thesis. At the present there have been plenty of works for the ethnic cultural tourism in this field. The research results on it as well as the ways of development cover almost every aspects of the ethnic cultural tourism. The purpose of this thesis is to get further study of the theory summarizing based on the existing results and put forward a new viewpoint of "Thematic Development for Ethnic Cultural Tourism", which developed from the theoretical study and tourist programming practices, and It is summarized by the preliminary theory of nationality's cultural tourism development practice of our country. The most distinguished features for thematic development focus on exploring the cultural arteries and preferring market-oriented, Pay attention to investing in the position to choose. It is to provide unequivocal and multipurpose theme tourist products with extraordinary characteristics and distinguished individuation as well as a experiential and individuation management & service. Theoretically, the theory for the development, especially for deep study on traditional cultural tourism still lacked systematical, scientism and subject systematic and the researches on it at the present and still stay in isolated research mode rather than multi-subjects or cross-subjects intersect studies. In this thesis, the author tries to carry out a comparative comprehensive study on traditional cultural tourism from the aspects of Investigation method in the field , cross-cultural comparative law , system analytic approach of humanics, nationalities, cross-cultures and tourist aesthetics, puts forward and explains the related theories on thematic development for ethnic cultural tourism for the purpose of perfecting the theoretical system of Chinese ethnic cultural tourism. On practical meaning, the theory that the methods and principals of thematic orientation, selection and development and the design of the tourist products etc is to the summary of experience of the successful gain and loss of a large number of practices of cultural tourism development of nationality in recent years of our country, stem from and practise, so have directive significance of theories to practice. brought forward in the thesis are all having realistic significant. For the case study, it has used the Folk song Festival of Liu Sanjie & Beautiful Lijiang River as the case to analyse the corresponding theories prove to the Folk song Festival of Liu Sanjie & Beautiful Lijiang River theme , song of country fair thesis national cultural tour theme type come out to summarize develop exactness of theory to develop to succeed in ,and studies which embodied the new research measures on the combination of theory and practice, microcosmic and macroscopic. The thesis has implemented comprehensive study by using the methods of humanics and nationalities survey, cross-culture comparison and systematic analysis, which has presented the feature of studying multi and cross subjects. The thesis has been divided into four sections as follows: The first section is introduction which includes the background and significance of selecting the topic, related definitions and understanding, update research development on this topic, interrelated theories, the meaning for study, emphases, sticking points and prospective results as well as the method and technical models for researching. The second part is the key section of the thesis and it is the part for developing the theoretical exploration. It firstly defines the domain of the study, then analyzed the status quo and developing trend for traditional cultural tourism and at the end it explained the RMTP theory for the thematic development toward the traditional cultural tourism from different aspects. The main content for the third section is to apply the theories studied in the previous section to the case research on the Folk song Festival of Liu Sanjie & Beautiful Lijiang River case. It mainly explores from the aspects of selection and ascertainment on cultural arteries of the theme, market positioning, select site in the position ,significance of key production setting and using for reference to verifying the thematic development theory for ethnic cultural tourism. The conclusion and putting forward the further discussion are concluded in the last section for summing up the key view points of the thesis and raising some problems for further study. There are four difficult points need to be solved within the ethnic culture development, they are development and protection, the truth of the culture, new type of tourist development and tourist development theory. But at the present, all the discussions and estimations for these four problems are still in primary stage and need further study. Although the research on it is abundant, But generally speaking, the theory lags behind in what has been practiced . Especially develop the respect to nationality's cultural tour theme, no matter to the cultural theme park of the nationality or the research of different stockaded villages of the national travel, it is the cultural development of resources of nationality of the national cultural tour basically, have developed and taken the overwhelming majority with protection, development mode or tourism development on four respects of influence of national culture, the theme research results to nationality's cultural tourism development are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn's horn , even so, nationality that cultural theme develop to pay close attention to the fact but degree soar constantly on the net. This text thinks, it is one of the development trends in the future that the national cultural tour is developed with topicalization, experience tourist's consumption difference pluralism and result of the travel market competition under economy. Its core was carried on around theme merger and innovation, the theme and resource, market, products have close relations: Resource whether theme develop foundation that make up one's mind, but market survey direction that theme choose. Theme products are it goes on the product design of the travel with theme intention and market for foundation to lead. Case the Folk song Festival of Liu Sanjie & Beautiful Lijiang River that thesis choose course that country fair develops the serious excavating in many aspects in terms of tourist market, establish the theme developed on proving the foundation of the resource theme, centred on a series of traveling products with distinct theme , with obvious characteristic of theme design. Prove from its successful experience it is basically correct that the theory that studies of the thesis is summarized.
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