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The Research On The Government Supervision System On The Construction Quality

Posted on:2006-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The research on the government supervision system on the construction quality is of great importance, since the construction quality has great impact on not only the safety of people's life and property but also on the social stability and development. The government supervision system on the construction quality can be viewed on both macro and micro sides of the coin. The government supervision system on the construction quality is totally different from the original project construction supervision system. Meanwhile, the rules and operation system of construction quality is evolving gradually which can be separated into three processes. In 2001, the publicity of Rules on Construction Quality Management has advanced the project construction supervision into the main part of governmental supervision system. The features and serious situation of construction accident, construction project, and the tousling construction market have urged the birth of the government supervision system on the construction quality. In this essay, we will introduce present situation, legal status and right confine, basic principles, organization chart setting, responsibility of our government supervision system on the construction. Furthermore, typical models of the supervision system in the main developed countries such as US, German, France and Singapore have also been introduced. We will find different models have the same general goal. By analyzing the different models, learning the treasurable experience, we think the present supervision system is generally adopted to the requirements of the government's function change, but there are still quite a few problems need solving. At present, many shortcomings on the current supervision system about organization system, legal system, rules and policy development are exposed. A lot of problems such as the sources of the expenses, the deficient rules, organization and staff quality need to be solved and improved. Breaking the relationship with government administration, changing the source of charging and becoming the independent corporation is one of the suggested way to change the present situation. In addition, establishing the legal supervision system, improving ways of supervision and professional quality of the supervision team and the effective control of the system are also suggested in the essay. Hope this essay could do some help on our construction quality control.
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