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Positive Research On The Common Civil Servant's Motivating Model Structuring In Chongqing

Posted on:2006-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155472988Subject:Administrative Management
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From the visual angle of public human resource management, this text combines human resource management, management psychology, organizational behavior theory to research the motivating model problems of common civil servants. Use such methods as the analysis of documents, structured specific interview, open questionnaire investigation, closed questionnaire investigation etc, based on positive research to working initiative influential factors of the civil servants, loss reasons, needs characteristics, motives of going into politics, appraisal to motivating measurement etc, put forward the corresponding motivating model. The result of positive research shows: ①The guidance idea, system, means of civil servants'motivating model need to be revised. ②Influence factor of working initiative include, system factor, leader factor, guarantee factor and working factor. ③The economic treatment is bad, the stability and working environment are bad, individual lack of development, unit's interpersonal relationships are not harmonious are main reasons of civil servant's loss. ④Family's happiness, material guarantee and the security, good interpersonal relationships are main needs of the common civil servants. The civil servant's needs can sum up to the basic need and the develop need. ⑤The working stability is the civil servant's most important motives of going into politics, the result of study keep the same with the western scholar's. But civil servants'motive of our country serves masses is desalinized, the sense of duty of public contribution is not high, not in accordance with western result of study. ⑥The material motivating, in the right occupation, leader, cooperate motivating to be payed more attention by the civil servant's, the motivating factors including system motivating, leader's motivating, health care factor, motivating. ⑦The civil servants with different age, education background, sex, post have differences in working initiative influence factor, loss reason, characteristic of needing, motive of going into politics, appraisal in motivating measurements, and the difference between some projects or factors is also quite remarkable. On the basis of the analysis to civil servant's motivating model and civil servant's colony factor, designs the common civil servant's motivating model: ①People first, combine internal with external, long with short, goal, differential idea as the main idea of movation. ②Regard government's organizations and leaders as two subjects of motivating. ③Make motivation system with employ, examine, salary, promote, development, rewards and punishments and motivating ways system with material and spirit motivating to combine effectively. ④It is an effective way of ensuring motivating results to feedback and revise in good time to the civil servant's motivating model.
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