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Regional Strategies Of China And America In Northeast Asia And Korean Peninsula Issues

Posted on:2006-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155476090Subject:International politics
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Northeast Asia includes China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia and Far East Region of Russia. Strategic interests of America, China, Russia and Japan converge here, and relations among them are complex. Since World War II ,there have been two factors which influence strategic structure of Northeast Asia: 1, relations among power countries; 2, Korean Peninsula issues. The above two factors interact and influence each other. Evolution of the situation of Korean Peninsula influences strategic structure of Northeast Asia greatly, even of Asian Pacific Region, of which influences of China and America are evident. China is an important country in Northeast Asia. China's economy is developing very fast, and its interests in Northeast Asia are expanding increasingly. Based on that, China is establishing its regional strategy to maintain the economic, political and security interests in Northeast Asia. China's basic strategy in this area is to maintain regional stability, to develop friendly relations with neighboring countries, to promote cooperation in the economic, political and security fields. America is the only super power in the world, whose strategy is global, namely maintaining its hegemony to fetch the global interests. Northeast Asia is an important base of the global strategy and interest of America. America put great emphasis on Northeast Asia, trying to intensify its control over this area and to contain China and Russia. At the same time, America promotes the cooperation of economy, politic, security with countries in Northeast Asia, which is beneficial to the stability and prosperity of Northeast Asia and America. Northeast Asian strategies of China and America are interactive to some extent: cooperation andcontainment, which has deep impacts on the political structure of Northeast Asia and the situation of Korean Peninsula.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional strategy of China in Northeast Asia, Regional strategy of America in Northeast Asia, relations between China and America, Korean Peninsula issues
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