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A Research Of Land Use Change And Driving Forces Mechanism Of Hebei Province

Posted on:2006-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155952239Subject:Land Resource Management
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Hebei province locates the yellow river downstream in the north region, containing Bejing city and Tianjin city, circumscribing by Shanxi, Neimeng, Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, and facing with Bohai. At the initial stage of reformation, because of population' rapid growth and the demand of fast developing economy, lead to a series of irrational land use behaviors, such as the irrational changing of the land use structure, the depredating management and excessive exploitation. With the results of cultivated land and grassland quickly being reduced and the land declining productivity quickly being increased, the soil of many districts with weak ecosystem turned wind-eclipsed, desertification. Such kind of land use and cover's changing directly causes the whole ecosystem in Hebei province deterioratevd. With the confliction between human and land resources and the pressure of the demand of developing economy being gradual outstanding, the land use appears the feature of stage variety these years. Although cultivated land continues to be reduced still, the grassland changes declining to rising, some lands which have declined productivity plant trees and grass to get the ecosystem environment to be improved.The text with the data of 1986, 1996 and 2002, and dividing into two stages, by the means of Least Square Error and MAPGIS carries the research on the land use structure types variety to each county of Hebei province, and combines the selected counties' population, the society economy, land productivity, living and consuming level data to analyze the driving mechanism of the land use change. This research can provide the theories and method reference different from the leading of method and help land management to work perfectly and has important fulfillment meaning for other provinces. That research result indicate: in 1986, the whole province's land use structure system is divided into 4 series and 24 kinds of structure types; in 1996, the whole province's land use structure system is divided into 3 series and 21 kinds of structure types; in 2002, The whole province land use structure system is divided into 4 series and 24 kinds of structure types. 1986—1996 years, cultivated land and resident-mineral land are driven by population and economic factors obviously; 1996 ~ 2002 years, cultivated land, woodland, grassland variety are driven by the village residents' pure income level and the land productivity factors obviously.Because cultivated land is the most important land resources and the key of...
Keywords/Search Tags:Hebei province, land use change, driving mechanism, sustainable land use
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