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Study On Risk Management Of Credit And Guarantee Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises In China

Posted on:2006-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155954498Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are playing an important role in economic and social development. But because of the high risk of Small and medium-sized enterprises, the insufficient financing has been a restriction on their development. With the development of credit guarantee, the difficult problem of financing of small and medium-sized private enterprises has a little alleviated. There are a lot of problems in credit guarantee, because our credit guarantee starts relatively late. First, the effective mechanism of management of risk is lack. Second, guarantee organization's management level is relatively low, and in the specific field high-level qualified personnel is lack. It can't give full play to utility for the small scale of fund. The social service system of small and medium-sized enterprises lags behind. The law correlated with guarantee is lack and the rule is not perfected. Operator's credit consciousness is faint. There exists various degree administrative interference. So there are a great deal of risks in operating our credit guarantee. How to strick and dissolve risk effectively is the key point to assure credit guarantee security operation .This is exactly what focal point of this paper. There are many aspects in guarantee risk management mechanism. Such as risk compensation mechanism, risk shifting mechanism, inside control mechanism and risk early warning mechanism, etc. In risk compensation mechanism, guarantee organization is unable to draw enough risk reserve capital, and fund compensation system of all levels governments have not be founded effectively. In risk shifting mechanism, the anti-guarantee and re-guarantee mechanism that can disperse and shift risk have not be founded effectively too. In inside control mechanism, a lot of guarantee organizations have not set up strict operational procedure and management system. In early risk warning mechanism , the effective risk discerning and evaluation system is lack. The credit evaluation of Small and medium-sized enterprises is mainly by the aid of the simple financial report and a glancing consultation, so true and accurate judgment is lack. In this paper, I firstly explained that credit guarantee company how to strick and dissolve risk. First, it is the compensation mechanism of risk. The credit guaranteeing industry is a generally acknowledged risky trade. It is the risk that was managed , especially credit guarantee of small and medium-sized enterprises is bearing the government's policy intention. So, , it will inevitably have certain proportion loss that is difficult compensation, even if risk management mechanism can operate effectively. In order to assure the sustainable development of the organization, it is necessary to set up compensation mechanism of assuring fund, including outside and inside. The outside means financial compensation, the inside means that the guarantee organization sets up the reserve capital system of the risk. Only tendering guarantee but not charge reasonably can't maintain operation obviously, so credit guarantee company must take rational charging standard. Under the market economy condition, the cooperation or responsibility among any market body that must set up on the balanced foundations of the two interests and it violate the market and legal principle to require either main body to undertake all risks. So it has its objective necessity to disperse credit risks between lending bank and credit guarantee organization. Second, it is the shifting mechanism of risk. The credit guarantee organization as professional guarantor need to shift higher risk through establishing anti-guarantee for its business's development and extend. While guaranteeing the organization should also set up an re-guarantee system as soon as possible. In the financing guarantee of small and medium-sized enterprises, because the reverse choice of the bank and the credit of customer that the credit guarantee organization faces is insufficient, the mortgage offered is not accepted by the bank. For dispersing risk, the guarantee organization should require guarantor to insurance its main assets such as automobile, production equipment, office equipment. Third, it is the inside control. It will be explained from several following respects. The early warning system of risk of project must be set up. The manager responsibility system should be set up. The work of examination,guarantee and compensation should be Separated. The approval system of the limit should be set up. The collective approval system of special project should be set up. The inside audit system should be set up. In addition,the reporting system of the business should be set up. But how to calculate the credit risk is still a difficult problem in practice. In this condition, the key task of credit guarantee Institution for credit risk control is credit evaluation of Small and medium-sized enterprises. After analysis present credit evaluation system, I find that there exist some problem need to be adapted for practical needs in our country. For example, the index system of it is not scientific enough. Most index in this index group are financial index so can not indicate the development in the future, and even some of them are substituted for each other. The most...
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