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Research On The Vehicle Scheduling Optimization Of The Logistics Distribution With Real-Time Demand Information

Posted on:2005-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W S LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155954845Subject:Transportation planning and management
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With the rising of the electronic commerce and network, more and more firms have devoted themselves in the application of the Internet network on their businesses and the customers are more and more stringent to time for the goods delivery. The capability of delivery their products to the customers in the shortest time is the key factor of the success of the electronic commerce. The appropriate delivery route assignment plays major role in the reduction of the delivery operation time.Traditionally, the studies about Vehicle Scheduling Problem (VSP) on real-time demand infromation can distribute only after get together demand information and waiting for all vehicles having arrived. So once the route structure is determined, it will not be altered. If distribution center will ment with demand of customers, they often add vehicles to service or order vechicles returning to distribution center to supply goods.In fact, they couldn't take advantage to the advantage of real-time information well. This type of approach ignores the impacts of the changes in demand requirements and traffic conditions on the optimal route structure, on the one hand,it may lead to distribution center not to ment with demand of customers,on the other hand,it may add costs of distribution significantly. Therefore, the past method cann't satisfy with the demand of the customers and distribution centers for the logistics distribution.The VSP with stochastic demand locus and quantities on the real-time demand information was dealt with in this paper, expecting to adjust vehicles routing and add vehicles to serve customers so that they can serve more efficiently. Therefore, the affect of real-time demand information on distribution was discussed in the paper and the difference between real-time distribution and traditional distribution was analyzed. Based on it, the paper built a corresponding mathematic model and designed a suit of method to solve the problem.In building the model, the paper applies to vehicle changing cost of static state's VSP, and adds to hybrid time windows model according to demand and distribution characteristic in our country. Taking into account possible fail to distribute under the conditions on this paper, the punish cost was added when failing to distribute in the paper, thus, the three parts made up of the modle. By the confine, this paper designed a method to solve the problem: structuring initialization route and ameliorating route. On the basis of analyzing the weakness of genetic algorithm in local search, this paper builds a hybrid genetic algorithm which is the combination of genetic algorithm and local search algorithm for solving physical distribution routing problem. When ameliorating route, it adopted Tabu Search Algorithm, examples performs well in both...
Keywords/Search Tags:The electronic commerce, Real-time demand information, Physical distribution, Vehicle scheduling problem, Time windows, Hybrid genetic algorithm, Tabu search algorithm.
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