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A Study Of The Credit Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises Of Our Country And Their Financing Problems

Posted on:2006-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155957628Subject:Public Management
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According to the phenomenon of difficult financing caused by low credit level of small and medium-size enterprises, using analytic hierarchy process, multiplier method of the efficiency and relevant statistics analytical methods,this article analyzes and evaluates the current situation of the construction of small and medium-size enterprises in an all-round way, concludes the serious credit lack of small and medium enterprises, analyzes the objective, subjective and exterior factors causing the poor credit of small and medium-enterprises. The articles proves that the credit is the basic factor affecting financing by studying the relevancy of credit and financing of small and medium-size enterprises and structuring the relevancy model and example analysis of these two. Finally, the article gives suggestions for improving credit level of small and medium-size enterprises and releasing the difficulty of financing by combining the existing successful experience and current situation of our country's social development.Firstly, the article describes the current developing situation of small and medium enterprises. Our country has large quantities of small and medium-size enterprises with a wide distribution, which plays an important role in the economic quantum. But small and medium-size enterprises in our country are still facing a lot of development obstruction because of the imperfection of our country's market economic system and the geneogenous weak points of small and medium enterprises in our country. Among these, the low development level of small and medium-size enterprises' credit is the largest difficulty for small and medium-size enterprises' difficult financing.Secondly, the current development situation, evaluation and research of small and medium-size enterprises are the key points of this article. Analyzing on the enterprise's interior meaning and the credit-evaluating situation of financial department relying mainly on bank, government department relying mainly on industry and commerce and folk grade, we can see no normal form and standard.So it is of great importance to set up a set of credit-evaluating system suitable for small and medium-size enterprises in our country. According to the designed credit-evaluating system and the credit index model for small and medium-enterprises, 1,085 small and medium enterprises in Zhejiang, Hunan, Chongqing and Tianjin are chosen for calculation. It is shown in the measurement and calculation that the credit sense in small and medium-size enterprises are generally improved, product quality management system are kept improving and more enterprises pay attention to credit. From the structural feature, we can see the characteristics as follows: " enterprises with modern company system are better than traditional enterprises, foreign-owned enterprises are better than domestically-funded enterprises, credit level in economically developed area are comparatively better, newly rising enterprises are better than traditional enterprises." Though the credit level of small and medium-sized enterprises takes a favorable turn to some extent, the whole credit level is general. Small and medium-size enterprises often evades paying debts for the omission of the enterprises' credit system and the slow construction of credit. However, the main factors that cause the poor credit of small and medium-size enterprises are the objective ones such as small assets scale, weak anti-risk abilities and low management benefit, and partly the subjective ones such as the violation of investment, and the exterior factors including the non-ideal exterior support environment for small and medium-size enterprises, the lack of valid credit-evaluating system and the low cost for breaking faith.Thirdly, the analysis of the relevancy of credit and financing of small and medium-size enterprises. There are a lot of factors influencing financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is analyzed by mechanism research into the relevance of these two that the main factor is the "dissymmetry of information". In order to measure how much the credit factor affects financing, this article establishes related measuring model, we do a calculation on the investigation data of some small and medium-size enterprises chosen by Spss for windowslO.O. It is show that credit and financing has close relationships. Finally the example...
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