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The Case Study Of Improving The Villages And Towns Management

Posted on:2005-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155957857Subject:Public Management
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How to manage villages and towns is the basic problem in Chinese government management all the time. Since 1990s, for its own interests expansion and financial crisis, the villages and towns have involved in the managing predicament. Based on some related studies of management theory and regime construction of villages and towns, this study took the management transform in the modernization process of a developed eastern coastal town as the research object. Firstly, starting with analysing the administrative environment that the villages and towns are in, this study choosed four kinds of representative specific subjects such as organizations in village, peasants, employers' organizations, township enterprises to discuss the relationship between them and the town government. Secondly, this study analysed the ability of villages and towns in three respects: system problems, the current situation of cadres and finance. Thirdly, this study narrated the concrete content and the meaning of the government improvement carried out by villages and towns in order to resolve its managing predicament.On the previous analysis, this study proposed the necessity and possibility of the management improvement of villages and towns. On one hand, with the quickening paces of the traditional planning system changing into the market system and the rising of rural social forces in the representative of villager's autonomy, all kinds of subjects with different interests in the rural society have more resources and stronger power against country. On the other hand, government's ability of the villages and towns is limited in different fields, which makes the traditional "ruling" way hard to go on. Meanwhile, developed villages and towns in the eastern coastal area have more influential finance and more high-quality cadres. The management improvement becomes necessary, and possesses the feasibility.Finally, this study looked forward to the extension of the villages and towns management improvement, systematically designed the steps of good governance of villages and towns, and suggested that four following work should be focused on: 1. Improving government's ability and setting up a limited and effective government. 2. Promoting villagers' autonomy and establishing the cooperation between country and society. 3. Paying attention to the citizen's participation and realizing the managing democratisation. 4. Changing the administration way in which the "ruling" administration really moves towards serving administration.
Keywords/Search Tags:Villages and towns government, Government's ability, Management improvement, Democratic management, Good governance
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