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The Study Of Sustainable Land Use Based On "Ecological Footprint"

Posted on:2006-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155959775Subject:Physical geography
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Land which is of basic resource and surrounding plays an important role in human'sliving and development and sustainable use of land (LSU) is the primary ensurance of ourcountry's sustainable strategy. At present,land's support is not equivalent to demand and theecological environment is deteriorating which holds up the sustainable development of land .How to lessen contradiction between human and land and make ecological,social, economicdevelopment harmonious is crucial to whole country's sustainable development of social andeconomic. Based on these, paper absorbs related theory and means of domestic andinternational,refers to ecological footprint analysis (EFA)which is to evaluate sustainabledevelopment ,utilizes geographical information system (GIS) as technical base ,tries toappraise the station of LSU in shandong from theory and practice and anticipate the trend ofLSU.At theoretical aspect,paper discussed domestic and international research status andexisting problem ,put forward the theory and conception of LSU and connation ofevaluation on LSU, introduced the basic theory and conception of EFA and extended themodel ,realized dynamic and predictive function ,constructed the ecological footprint analysisprediction system(EFAPS) based on GIS.At practical aspect,this thesis analyzed ecological footprint of Shandong and subsidiaryseventeen cities in 2002 which spacialy reflected the station of SLU of Shandong ,calculatedthe dynamic change of EF from 1990 to 2002 using EFAPS to reflect dynamic developmentof SLU. In order to make sure the structure and distribution of land use,paper furtherinterpreted the structure between support and demand on time and space . Furthermore, thesiscomputed many indicators such as GDP of EF, flexible coefficient of EF, diversity of EF anddevelopment ability that embody the relation between land use and economic development .Paper made use of two means to predict the demand of land in shandong ,includingsingle indicator and complex indicators .The former mainly solves trend analysis by linerregression and the later emphasizes all kinds of source of EF and anticipates the size of EF bymeans of GM(1,1),liner and nonlinear regression ,principal component analysis ,systemdynamics.On land support,this thesis sets up three projects referring to "the gross planningproject of land use in Shandong ",utilizing system dynamics and gray system.Bycomparison ,the second project is the most suitable . As the following,paper summarized themain reason which lead to ecological deficit ,such as the overgrowth of population,theunsuitable model of consumption,irrational structure of land use ,especially shortage of forestand grass land and low intensive of construction land . To decrease the pressure of land andpromote SLU, then bring forward efficient suggestions including the boost of cultivateland's productive,enlargement of forest area,improvement of ecological condition of grassland,intensivism of construction land,control of population and mode of consumption and...
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Sustainable Use, Ecological Footprint, Geographical Information System, Shandong Province Classification: F301.2
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