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Research On The Assets Write-downs And Earnings Management In Chinese Listed Company

Posted on:2006-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S P PeiFull Text:PDF
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To reflect the quality of enterprise assets truly, and improve the usefulness of accounting information, the new "Accounting system for business enterprises" that formulated by Ministry of Finance at the end of 2000, expanded the range of the assets write-downs that promoted assets write-downs as "eight items" by "four items ", However, according to the annual reports of the listed company in recent years , the policy of asset write-downs has become a tool of earning management, Then, the assets write-downs become "edge toll "of earning management really? Which economic motivations is the existence? This is the focus of the study. The paper includes theory and empirical research, especially highlighting the empirical research on the relativity of assets write-downs and earning management listed company. In the theory research, we analyze the theoretical foundation and system background of assets write-downs, the theory origin and precondition of earning management ; think : the earnings always are managed, because of the weak-form efficiency market and functional fixation , incomplete revelation of information, contracting fictions and communication friction under information asymmetry ; No perfection and flexibility that the policy of assets write-downs etc., make assets write-downs become the tool of earnings management .In the positive research, first, review the foreign and domestic documents, then propose research hypotheses, choose 298 industrial listed companies of stock markets in Shanghai as research samples, adopt both distribution test method and specific accrued model, describing statistics and regression analysis using statistical analysis software as SPSS ,etc.,Later, we verify further the result of study through contrasting examine of the quality of the assets. Draw the following conclusion: the assets write-downs and behavior of earnings management listed company are remarkable relevant; the listed companies with motivation for evade loss , loss aversion and right issue use the policy of assets write-downs to increase current earnings, the listed company with motivation for exaggerate loss use the policy of assets write-downs to reduce current earnings; Provisions for the bad debts , fixed assets , inventories and construction in progress are more remarkable in the test of individual assets.Finally, propose some policy suggestions to perfect the policy of assets write-downs and accounting supervisory system, etc.of our country...
Keywords/Search Tags:Assets write-downs, Earnings management, Motivation, Specific accrued model
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