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Limited Government: The Target Of Chinese Administrative Reform

Posted on:2006-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360182466862Subject:Administrative Management
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Reform is the superincumbental renovation which is started by senior government bureaucracy in the background. The substance of reform is dealing with the power connection between government and society to strengthen ability of government and adapt to the change of administrative environment which led by economic transaction. The traget of reform is building up limited government. There are three obstacles on the way: path dependece , centralization and decentralization, self-aggrandizement of government. To eliminate these obstacles, government should change the function to break path dependece at first. Second , government should establish property right to build up self-develop ability of society and consummate self- renovate ability, which could help to change the inner struction of government to deal with connection between centralization and decentralization and conrol self-aggrandizement. Third, government should supply effective system for society, restrict administrative action while restricing marketable subjects to realize the power transfer from governemt to society step by step. Finally, during establishing limited government, government should regard equity as the orientation of public policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:limited government, path dependece, change of government function, system supply, equity
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