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Study On The Incentive Mechanism Of Human Resource In Institution

Posted on:2007-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182482467Subject:Administrative Management
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Personnel system of institution was forming and developing in the planned economy.It was the constituent parts of personnel system of our country and Party, and it also hasplayed an important part in development of country once. Along with establishment ofsocialist market economy system and thorough development of reforming of otherinstitution, the institution could not meet the need of the current objective situationmore and more, even it destroyed positivity and enthusiasm of staffs. So we need tospeed up the reform step in front of this stern fact, and key point and the difficulty arethe personnel system and the assignment mechanism, its core is motivation mechanism.The institutions are no longer suited to the needs of pattern of the management. It is anecessary research topic to design a fair and effective motivation mechanism which canimprove the positivity and innovative ability of staff of the institution, by which we couldmake them do their best to achieve organizational goals. The reform of personnel systemmeets the need of development of institution itself and the reform and the developmentof our country. The thesis discusses the theory about he establishment of motivationmechanism of the institutes from various and the multi-angles according to the need oftime and the change of external environment.The thesis is divided into seven parts. Chapter one introduces the background andthe research significance. Chapter two introduces basic theory of human resource andthe institution, in this part it also introduce the basic condition of CGS.Chapter there inspired from the basic theory to expatiate and appraise the classicaltheory of motivation and motivation mechanism. In this part the thesis analyzes andremarks on the classical theory.Chapter four redesigns the motivation mechanism from economic interests,development needs, ideological and political aspects of the organizational structure andbring forward a better countermeasure to establish a fair and effective motivationmechanism base on the former discussion.Chapter five carries on the introduction and the analysis to the domestic andforeign correlations experience. And hope to use these experience as model to establishthe motivation mechanism of CGS.Chapter six takes China Geological Survey as the research object to describe theinstitution's basic situation and especially discuss the reform of personnel systemthrough actual investigation. Then embarks from the CGS's particularity andinstitution's universality to proposes the reform direction and the countermeasure ofmotivation mechanism of human resources of CGS.Chapter seven summarizes the main idea and strategy of innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:institution, human resources, motivation mechanism, public administration, innovation
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