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A Study On Public Affairs Supermarket From Government, Citizen And The Governance Theory Angles Of View

Posted on:2007-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360182489144Subject:Administrative Management
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Public Affairs Supermarket introduced the mode of the business management in the government activities, and it is a rational system occurred while the government original system design and system met multiple predicament that implement in social transition period. It is an example of reinventing local government under the New Public Management theory which takes marketization as its direction with the key idea of serving the customer (citizen). The establishment of Public Affairs Supermarket not only has the remarkable function in enhancing the administrative efficiency and changing government service attitude and building a vivid aspect of the government, at the same time it has safeguarded citizen's right of knowing and participating in governmental affairs to certain extent. Public Affairs Supermarket is an innovation of local authority administration and the beneficial exploration of shifting the government functions. Bearing thought of serving the customer (citizen) as the central idea, the Political Affairs Supermarket also enhanced the administrative efficiency while compared with the traditional administration way. Because the entire administrative system does not have the whole the system design and the reform advancement, the operation of Political Affairs Supermarket encountered many organizational and practical problems. However, public affairs supermarket only appeared a short time ago, the relevant research is far from profound level. Domestic scholars concisely analyzed its appearance, present situation and significance from the New Public Management angle. In view of the fact that our country vigorously promotes the electronic government affairs at present situation, many scholars regard the Public Affairs Supermarket as a transitory tool, and proposed the correlation countermeasure to its development though, it's hard to find a clear way out for the development of Public Affairs Supermarket from the research so far. Regarding this, it has important theoretical and the practical significance to study the Public Affairs Supermarket.This article is mainly divided into four parts. In the first part, the author utilizing the standard-analysis method, analyzes developmental environment, system and the function from the government innovation angle of view. First, analyzed the environment in which the public affairs supermarket encountered, including the dynamic system, the technicalenvironment and the theory support. It Mainly analyzed the internal strength (government strength) and the external strength (market force), introducing the information technology, electronic government affairs technical environment and the new public management theory support. Next, it has carried on the system analysis to the government affairs supermarket, including organization establishment, function equipment, power and responsibility system and personnel system condition. Furthermore, it has carried on the analysis to the function and the significance of the public affairs supermarket.In the second part, the author evaluated the performance of the public affairs supermarket from citizen's angle of view. It Elaborated from three stratification planes, firstly, it introduced the performance, the government performance evaluation and the characteristics of government performance evaluation in western nations;Next, it discussed the necessity and the rationality of performance evaluation on public affairs supermarket from the citizen angle of view, and proposed that performance evaluation on public affairs supermarket should take the citizen degree of satisfaction as basic value orientation;Finally, constructing KPI of the performance evaluation on supermarket and grading the standard, it carried on the performance evaluation by taking the public affairs supermarket of JiangHan district as an target. Based on the further analysis on the evaluation results, the author made a general assessment to the function of public affairs supermarket.In the third part, learning from the Governance theory, the author proposed theoretically developmental path selection of the public affairs supermarket. First, it's necessary to surmount the public and private department boundary to form a multi-centered governance structure. Get the market mechanism, the third sector and other social organizations involved in the public affairs supermarket to supply the public service and other service so as to perform the structural change. Next, with the aid of the third department, such as massive intermediary organizations, the inhabitant community autonomous organizations, the volunteer organizations, the charitable organizations, the multi-center governance will make up public service supply vacancy and perfect service function of public affairs supermarket. In brief, for future development of the public affairs supermarket, we must get rid of the idea that public service is only able to be chosen and supplied by the government, and establish a public service supplymechanism according to citizen's demands, with a more transparent implementation and more flexible socialized selectivity. In this way the public affairs supermarket could truly become the service platform of basic unit.Public Affairs Supermarket introduced the mode of the business management in the government activities, and it is a rational system occurred while the government original system design and system met multiple predicament that implement in social transition period. Because the governments always take the leadership in China's administrative reform, basing on the economical and the social democracy development, the author carefully examines the operation system and the actual efficiency of the public affairs supermarket from the unofficial angle. And that is the characteristic of this thesis. Researching development and the future trend from the governance theory angle, proposing structure transformation and the function promotion of the public affairs supermarket, is the innovative part of this thesis.
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