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On The Major Interest Groups Of The USA And Its Influence On The Sino-American Relations

Posted on:2007-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360182489576Subject:International politics
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Interest groups exist in any period of any country whose position and influence vary greatly in different countries. In the United States, their influence are unsurpassed and unparalleled worldwide.American interest groups are referred to as pressure groups for the sake of achieving their objective by applying pressure to the administrators. Since their staff members usually conducting lobbying on the parliamentary gallery or in the lounge hall, etc. they are also known as lobby groups. In a narrow sense, American interest-oriented groups was nicknamed political-interest-oriented groups, actually, it's the starting point of survey for their influence. Interest-oriented groups have a long history in the United States having been famous for its great quantity and varieties. Some are based on professions, some issues.Therefore, as the product of American political system, the interest-oriented groups hold a prominent position in the forming policy in America. Through various channels and means, they not only affect the domestic policy decisions associating with almost all the political integrations, but also the foreign policy are considerably impacted by them.On the other hand, the interest groups oligarch have influenced prominently on the process of making policy directly or indirectly by donating political contributions, lobbying, influencing the elections, and other forms of domestic policies, like taking part in policy-making, attending international activities. In this process, they have positive or negative impact on the political life and American policies toward China.Other major interest groups also influence the Sino-American relations, including professional bureaucracy, business and industrial, military industrial medium, religion and so on.Following the passage, I choose the military groups, think tanks, human rights, and religion to explain those functions in a different perspective.To sum up, the influence of American interest groups in US society is increasing profusely day by day, this is one of political properties in America. It is more obvious that they influence the determination of the White House, such as Sino-American relations. Standing in their own interests, they affect the policy towards China andChinese people by influencing their government's decisions, and then came to the influence Sino- American relations. Therefore, as long as we grasp the main clause of "interests" deeply and make point in china, we can turn the main US interest groups in an active way and take advantage of their positive role in the development of the relationship between China and America.
Keywords/Search Tags:Interest Groups, Military industrial medium, Business circles, and Think tanks, Sino-American Relations
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