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Research On The Term Of Labor Contact

Posted on:2007-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z R ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182491357Subject:Economic Law
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At present, Labor Law of the People's Republic of China which was constituted in 1994 is the main law ruling the labor contract. The system about labor contract has got considerable development since the law was put into effect. This made the worker and the employer had consciousness to the system. The system about labor contract has an important effect in its existence period. But it is a law adjusting labor relation which was constituted during the economic system reform. With the labor contract system implementing, our country has entered into the comprehensive implementation stage from the stage carried out the labor contract. The labor contract system has already become the main system for the labor relation. With our economic system reform going deeply, the environment which the labor law was constituted has had a huge change, Which and the insufficiency of the law system caused the labor contract unable to meet the practical need. With the weakness of the labor contract exposing, the system about labor contract can not coordinate the benefit between labor and employer perfectly. Therefore, we must revise the law about labor contract. Especially the question about the time limit of labor contract is urgent.The paper makes out the shortage about the labor contract term by comparison method, and brings forward some legislation suggestion suit to the situation of our country while using the foreign system for reference. The nonsked labor contract is an effective protection for workers, it may give workers the job which is stably. At the same time, the workers need not lose free. All those can make workers have a certain plan for their own life. We agree to sign the nonsked labor contract, so we must perfect other correlative provision, otherwise, we could not achieve the anticipated goal. In a word, in order to guarantee the dominant position for the nonsked labor contract, we must make the other correlative system more perfect when we plan the system of the labor contract term.
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