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Reformation Of The Administrative Examination And Approval System

Posted on:2007-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360182960712Subject:Administrative Management
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The administrative examination and approval system is that the national administrative organ examines relative people's application in accordance with the law, determine whether to permit the relative people of the administration engaged in the general names of a certain activity or every concrete system of implementing a certain behavior or not. With the development of socialist market economy, market subject also requires government to turn direct control in economics and society to indirect adjustments and controls besides more free, but the reform of administrative examination and approval system of our country lags behind in the economic system reform wholly, a series of questions become the bottleneck restricting the economic development of our country and transforming the government functions. The problems are: in examination and approval system, too much control in market from government causes the government not to work still, frequent seeking rents by government officials during the process of examine and approve system, unbalance between supply and demand of system and high system operation cost. So, the reform of administrative examination and approval system of our country have important realistic meanings, for improving the socialist market economy system, transforming the government functions, reinventing government image and meeting the challenge of global economic integration.In rencent years the reformation of the system of administrative examination and approval is becoming a hot topic in the reformation of administrative system in our country, and obtained the remarkable achievement. But a series of problems still occurred in the reformantion, such as theoretical research not deep enough, system innovation power insufficient, system reform unmatched and scarce follow-up supervising and so on. Focusing on these questions, taking the theory of Market malfunction and Government malfunction, commission and surrogate, supply and demand, cost and income as the theoretical foundation, With U.S.A., Japan, India abroad for representative, national examination and approval system reform has characteristics of stronger legal foundations promoting the reform in asymptotic way, ripened intermediary and taking economic development of the market as the background. Success of their reform has offered important experience for our country. The basic countermeasure of the reform of examination and approval system of our country has been proposed Direct against above questions from several respects such as the goal, basicprinciple, the idea and leading organ of reform, operating mechanism and internal and external supervision mechanism of examination and approval system and supplementary measure of reform.
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