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The Study On Public Participation In The Environment Protection

Posted on:2007-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182982604Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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The environment, as the key element of typical public product, its qualitymaintenance needs the whole society involvement besides of the controlling bygovernment proactively, initiatively and efficiently. The public participation inenvironmental protection is an important approach to solve environmental problem inChina. It's also the critical part of the harmonious society construction. It is theenormous driver of improving environmental protection. The level of environmentprotection relies on the breadth and depth of citizen's participation mainly. Now,economy in China is developing at a high speed. The environmental protection isnumerous and complicated. Under this situation, public's participation becomes moreand more urgent and necessary. In the western developed countries, the public's participation is extremelyimportant in the environmental protection comparatively. The relevant legislations aremore completive too. The right and procedures of public's participation are clearlydefined legally. While in China, the government magisterial environmentalprotections dominated for long time, the policies and regulations are miscellaneous.Those facts demotivate the public participation in reality. It causes the low publicinvolvement while the ability and result of public's participation are not good. This text describes the current situation of the public participates in theenvironmental protection and legal status, point out several problems existing incurrent stage: Firstly, high attention to the environment protection while lowinvolvement. Secondly, public participation is in low-grade, one-way and inefficient.Third, non-governmental organizations are still very limited in terms of their quantity,scale, fund, and influence. Also, the text analyzes the profound reasons of insufficient in public'sparticipation: economy development is unbalanced, government has domain inenvironmental protections for a long time, the misunstanding in public environmentaland the policies and the laws are insufficient.Based on above, the text makes proposal on how to improve public participationin environment protection in China by leveraging learning from other countries whileconsidering our country's relevant theoretical research. Firstly we should improve thepublic participant ability in environmental protections by strengthening environmentalknowledge promotion and education. Secondly, we should offer more opportunitiesfor the public to participate in environmental protections. It can be delivered by fouraspects mainly: 1). Change mindset in governmental environment protection,accelerate the institutionalized construction to enable the public participating inenvironmental protections;2). Environmental information comes into the open,ensure the citizens' right of being in know;3) Expand the ways of citizens'participations, encourage the public to participate in environmental protection atdivers levels;4) Accelerate the construction of the environmental public servicelawsuit. Thirdly, to optimize the result of public participation in environmentalprotections, embody in result in citizens' participation analysis and guide and enhancenon-government environmental protection organization influence.
Keywords/Search Tags:Environment protection, public participation, institutionalized construction
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