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Study Of Responsible Government

Posted on:2007-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With reforms and opening to the outside world, our country has made great success in economic reforms, but comparatively speaking, political reforms have fallen behind, and the government is still one which is mighty in almost all aspects, so that it severely lacks responsibility and the credit of the government is greatly lessened. However, we must change the function of the government as soon as possible and raise the credit of it so as to build a responsible government which is highly democratic and responsible in order that we can realize the aim of building a government of rule of law and that of constructing socialist harmonious society .That we should quicken the step of building a responsible government is clearly put forward in the 11th Five-Year Programme , and that has suited the needs of our times in good time. Thus it can be seen that it is very necessary for us to make a deep and systematic study of responsible government.The thesis has made a thorough and deep study of responsible government through the methods of dialectical logic, comparison and positive analysis, etc. The whole thesis is divided into five parts to discuss the theme .Part I Basic Theory of Responsible Government In this part different definitions with regard to responsible government have been analyzed from the point of dialectical logic. It is pointed out that popular sovereignty and people's all-round development are the essence of responsible government, which should be defined as : a responsible government is a political form or process which ought to be based on democracy , rule of law and be responsible in order to protect human rights and improve human all-round development .That shows a responsible government is characterized by democracy, rule of law and human rights, which are connected with each other.It is certain that democracy and rule of law are only means, which are used to ensure human rights and promote people's all-rounddevelopment.Part II Theoretical Bases for Responsible GovernmentIn this part the theoretical bases for responsible government are mainly discussed from three different points of view .One is based on the philosophy of law, which includes the theory of popular sovereignty, the theory of separation of powers and the theory of rule of law. They all suggest that we should build a government which is very responsible;the other is based on constitutional law .Relatively sound constitutionalism controls the power of government from various angles, which demands that we should also build a responsible government that is by the people and for the people. And the last is based on administrative law. Modern administrative law leads us to think that the purpose of administration is to serve the people of the state. It is a government's duty to provide public service , which definitely asks us to set up a government that is greatly responsible.Part III Different Types of Responsible Governments and EnlightenmentThis part gives a detailed introduction to cabinet system of government and presidential government, which are the most popular kinds of governments in the west world .The conclusion is that the power of the government mainly comes from results of general election and support from the party whether the government is cabinet or presidential. Although we cannot copy cabinet system of government or presidential government, there are a number of specific systems, especially question and proper separation of powers , which we can use for reference.Part IV Show of Lack of Government's Responsibility, Harm and Analysis of Its CausesDifferent kinds of show of lack of government's responsibility are summed up by positive analysis in the part and the harm is also talked about , which lack of government responsibility has caused. On the basis of all that I have made a penetrating analysis of the causes , which givesrise to lack of government's responsibility so as to find out the real problem.Part V Realization of Responsible GovernmentBy all-inclusive analysis the conclusion has been reached that we must change the idea of executive administration , strengthen the system of the government's accountability and perfect the system of supervision towards executive power in order that we can make the government be responsible and see to it that the responsible government will be realized.For the time being not only must we make a deep and systematic study of responsible government, but also have to take precautions to safeguard it if we want to quicken the step of building a government which is very responsible. We can call a government a responsible one on the condition that the government and its staff can change the idea of executive administration completely, carry out their duty in a proper way and undertake the responsibility which they should bear. As long as a government has become a real responsible government, it will also be a service-oriented government and a government of rule of law which is incorruptible, efficient, hard-working and practical.
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